Sunday, December 21, 2008

Updates Have Their Rewards

a.illusions' danaanI finally got to kick my OC (obsessive-compulsive) self out of that next page and just winged it. Technically, it's not the characters that were giving me troubles but the background.

Did you notice the brick wall pattern all over this new page? Well, it was suppose to be on page 073 as well, but I was too lazy to do the pattern on the actual drawing. I finally went ahead and made a digital one that I could use and reuse in future pages. *o*

I can't believe the backgrounds, which look so simple, took me nearly 2 hours to do.

Anyhow, I kinda like how Danaan-chan looks in her debut page. :3 I was sniffling all through out toning and shading this page that my head hurt. ;~; It's a good thing dear brother was kind enough to give me some cake (or sansrival to be precise) since the virus came from him in the first place.

betty's sansrival

You can tell I couldn't wait to eat before actually taking a picture. :9 My nephew asked for a few bites as well. x3 I share~ I share~~!

Highly recommended dessert for this Christmas. :3 Or perhaps for any occasion. I love their sansrival because of the crunchiness and the icing isn't too sweet.

Now I can get some more sleep to drive this cold out of my system. ZzzZzz...

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