Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fantasy Golf PANGYA Portable

Fans of the kawaii online game Pangya, REJOICE! The very popular Korean game now has a PSP version!

And it's remained very true to the original online game.

The PSP version of Pangya features a story lines per each character, starting with the infamous Nuri and Hana. All the characters (as well as several new ones who have yet been revealed) are present in the PSP version, but you have to unlock each one as you finish their stories and play various competitions.

What's more, Korea has released limited edition PSPs, figures, mugs, and PSP accessories available in Papel's Box Set. Whether this will be released internationally has not yet been revealed, but PSPHyper mentioned that it may be released in Japan.

I'm a Pangya Online player myself. It makes me wonder if this game will take advantage of PSP's Wifi and have online competitions? The graphics are really awesome though, and you can do all the trick shots in game!

Here are some of the items included in the box set:

That PSP is very pretty. I'd love to have a decal placed on my pink PSP. *_*

Now Papel can carry around your PSP for you! Only... he can't follow you around like he does in game. x3

OMG KOOH!!! I want!!! ;~;

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the original UMD of this game. I wonder if they'll release an English version since this is a popular franchise worldwide?

And finally, here's the trailer for the game. Enjoy, and Pangya! x3