Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Disorganized Thoughts of WebManga and Coffee

shijiroSo I'm finally getting to the interesting parts of this webmanga... and frankly, remembering what had happened is beginning to hit me with a sense of deja vu. It feels so surreal that I'm beginning to realize that Fact is most definitely stranger than Fiction. @o@;;;

Thank goodness for vacation time that allows me to ignore what I should be doing and work on the stuff I want to do~ <3

Shiji smiling like that is more than a little creepy to me for some reason. Perhaps the previous page was creepier but @___@;;; He looks so successfully out of character! If you're catching my drift. :3

Now I can work on the next page~ the long awaited page~! *^_~*

Also, the taste of instant coffee is mesmerizing. *_* I'm beginning to prefer instant over brewed since it has a somewhat smoother taste. So is that just me..?

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