Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

megatokyo hoodie ob3y pirogethTechinically, I want a lot of stuff for Christmas. Some more than others, but well, it never hurts to write about the stuff I want to keep me focused on my goals.

I've been a fan of Megatokyo for years... Ever since I had met Fred Gallagher in person, and after he encouraged me to upload my work online, I've followed his webcomic all through 1100+ pages.

Which is why I value the books I have from him and my Megatokyo shirt very much. ^_^

Now this hoodie isn't even for girls... It's a guy's hoodie, and I know there's a girl's shirt with the same design on it, but... I like hoodies. :( So I'm thinking of whether or not I should get my sis to order this for me.

It has Pirogeth on it staring at you with the words "OB3Y" in Japanese written at the bottom. I have no idea whether this should be considered moe or trap or both, but I'll let you guys determine that.

$36 for a hoodie is pretty expensive. >.<;;;

Ah... I guess I should sleep on this and think about it more... Would it be so wrong to wear guys' clothes, I wonder?

Of course, there's that evul thing about sizes too. @_@ I'm not entirely sure what size I am in men's wear..!

Oh well... How sad that I can't spend a lot this Christmas. ;~; But I suppose it is for the best. *keeps telling herself that*


  1. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it... for me? Hahahaha

  2. But it's for guys! I mean... do you think that's ok? xD

  3. I don't like it D:

    Change sweater!!!

  4. Ahahaha~ xD I suppose it's not worth the moolah then~ :3