Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kokoro wo Yasumeru Otona no Nurie DS 2

I got myself a layout change for the coming Christmas season... :D I'll be sure to change the header image to something more Christmas-y later tonight... if I find any that is.

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kokoro wo yasumeru otona no nurie 2 - relax your heart: picture painting for adults 2Anyhow, good news to all those aspiring artists who own an NDS out there! I stumbled upon this new game now available in Japan. It's apparently a picture painting game where you can draw better quality paintings than "Colors!".

From the screen shots of sample art pieces made by a group called "The Vippers", you get to choose the medium you prefer (oils, watercolor, or color pencil) and zoom in to add all those extra details.

I would give you the site where I got these images, but since I got them from a friend's plurk, the site is... not safe for work. >.<;;; So I took a few to post here that are safe.

I'd prefer very much to keep my blog kid-friendly, but if you really want the site, leave me a comment or something and I can direct you to the plurk post.

moe girl and moe neko girl details

Some of the images you really can't believe that they were drawn on the NDS. I mean, why would anyone want to strain their eyes detailing on such a tiny screen? So says the one who draws using Colors!

moe girl with white tiger

Gotta love the cute white tiger! What awesome hair detailing! *o*

And for those of us who can't afford to buy this game and/or can't understand Japanese, there's always the Pic-to-Chat alternative.

lucky star and kuroshitsuji pictochat fan art

..those guys are good. ;.;

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