Monday, August 31, 2009

Onegai My Melody: Episode 03

This is quite an interesting episode. Not only does Yamamoto-kun reminded of my brother-in-law, but we also get to see what looks to be like Kurumi (Kuromi's human version) in one of Yamamoto's stock photos with her back turned.

Coincidence? Or did the artists made an honest "mistake"?

Episode 03: I Wish I Could Make Lots of Friends!

The episode begins with Kogure and Uta fighting over their class project. The task of their group is to create a homepage of the topic of their choice. Naturally, Uta wants to make a website about Hiiragi, while Kogure thinks it's stupid and suggest video games instead.

One of their group mates, Yamamoto-kun, is the class photographer. He's completely quiet while his classmates were arguing, but then decides to take photos of them arguing... which resulted in them getting irritated at him.

Uta comes up with a plan to secretly ask Yamamoto to help her and Miki get their class project going (and to find out more about Hiiragi without looking like a stalker). She, Miki, and Yamamoto went over to Hiiragi's usual spot during break and waits for a chance to interview him. Uta tries her best to get over her shyness and manages to get Hiiragi to agree for an interview with Miki's help as well as allow Yamamoto to take pictures of him.

Hiirgi notices that Yamamoto might potentially have a dream that Kuromi could take and points him out to her. Sure enough, Yamamoto wanted to be friends with everyone, but had an inferiority complex than hinders him from socializing. When another group asks for Yamamoto's help with their project, he has trouble with saying what he wants clearly, making Kogure do all the talking for him.

Kuromi uses her magic to change his camera into a turtle (since apparently "kame da" which means "it's a turtle" sounds like "camera") that not only captures the images of his subjects but absorbs them into his stomach as living, miniature people. This allowed Yamamoto to achieve his dream of being together with everyone.

When Yamamoto captures all the students in their class, Uta was able to confront him, convincing him that there were a lot of people in their class who wanted to get to know him better. This cause him to doubt his own beliefs that he couldn't be friends with anyone, allowing My Melo to place her Melody Mark on the turtle-camera.

This gave the students a chance to escape... only to realize they were still trapped in photographs. Shiroyama decides to take the initiative and becomes My Melo's target to amplify her magic on him. Shiroyama's photo grew into a large block, flattening Kuromi and Baku and hereby destroying Kuromi's spell.

When everything returns back to normal, My Melo asks the turtle to earase everyone's memories, aside from Uta, Mana, and Miki. Interestingly enough, Shiroyama felt that it wasn't the first time he met My Melo and becomes completely obsessed with her.

Yamamoto helped Shiroyama's group with the photos they were asking for earlier on and made a homepage about My Melody. This made Yamamoto quite famous for being such a great photographer. Uta's words rang true as Kogure excitedly took up on his offer to teach him how to use his camera... and the entire class wanted to be in the picture with him.

Everything ended well, aside from poor Uta who lost all the data that contained Hiiragi's photos thanks to the memory wipe. She had no intentions of asking Hiiragi for a second photoshot as she's afraid that, as Miki pointed out, he would get mad at her for losing the data. How ironic that Kogure won the debate and had a homepage on video games for their group project, yes?

The episode showed a lot of first... the first time Shiroyama fell head-over-heels for My Melo, and the first time Kogure risked himself to save Uta. I guess he really did have deep feelings for her for a long time now... if only he could get over all that teasing and arguing and just say what he really wants to say. ♥

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes, "Mistress"~! ♥

kuroshitsuji black butler gashapon pvc - ciel phantomhive (girl version) close up shot

Normally, I'm not the type who would agree to making a guy dress up like a girl.


kuroshitsuji black butler gashapon pvc - ciel phantomhive (girl version) full shotBut as you can see, I'm not a proud owner of Kuroshitsuji's Ciel Phantomhive PVC... the girl version.

Isn't he just the most adorable thing you're ever laid eyes on? *_* I got her him at SM last week for only P80 (less that US$2) since he's made in China. It's probably an imitation PVC as the others in the series were not that well made. Ciel in his girly attire was the only one who looked absolutely gorgeous. And just look at that snarky pose. x3

He's glaring at me from the top of my CPU. ._.;;; Charming, really.

I need a good looking Sebastian to take care of the young master. I hope I can find one soon~! ♥

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crocheting Amigurumi’s

I've always enjoyed crocheting… Back in high school, when we had crochet for Home Economics Class, I became addicted the moment I saw the beautiful laces that you could make from a ball of string and a hook.

But it’s the first time I got to make something like this…

Amigurumi: Little Goth Boy by ~kurohiko on deviantART

It was suppose to be a chibi of Earl Cain Hargreaves, but I think he became a character all on his own. I didn’t use a pattern, because I don’t know how to read patterns to begin with, haha. xD So I just crocheted him while I was waiting for a few things to be done last weekend.

The top hat is probably my favorite part to make… I’m beginning to wonder if I should continue making these and sell them online. Hm…

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blood of My Blood

She looked outside the window to keep her mind occupied. She didn't want to be treated as a child anymore so she had to control her hunger... and yet, the mere fact that she was in the same room with her made her want to pierce his pale skin and drink his blood.

He noticed her hesitance and sighed. It was natural to be lusting for blood... after all, she hasn't fed in days, and she was newly turned. She had only ever had his blood to drink, and he preferred to keep it that way.

"If you're thirsty," Hiiragi said as he laid back on the couch, "then drink, I'm not stopping you."

Her eyes were dark with desire as she heard him say the words. The sound of his voice coaxed her into her vampire self, breathing heavily as she began showing her fangs.

But still she fought against it. "Hiiragi... sama... has not been feeding as of late. I can not take advantage of-"

She could not finish her sentence as the scent of blood overwhelmed her. It was his blood, she knew it. She knew that scent so well... but why would there be when she hasn't touched him? She glanced up and was horrified to see that he had pierced himself. His slender finger had sliced his skin open near the pulse on his neck. Her heightened senses listened to his heart beat, entrancing her into a myriad of lust and desire.

She panted heavily as she fought her urges, clutching her own neck. She felt tortured... "Hiiragi... sama..."

He merely smirked at her and motioned for her to come to his side. He carefully began to untie the ribbon around his collar. Kuromi towered over him, staring blankly as if she was being controlled by him. Yet how could that be when she was a vampire too? Even if he was her master, there was no way he could manipulate her so easily.

"Why..." she whispered, slightly out of breath, "are you... so cruel... to me..."

She opened her mouth, breathing heavily against him, hesitating... and bit down.

Onegai My Vampire Melody by ~kurohiko on deviantART

He didn't say a word as she fed on him. Her blood lust made her bite more aggressive than usual, and even though he did everything he could to control himself, a small moan still managed to escape his lips, parting slightly, baring his own fangs.

"Take only what is needed..." he cautioned, even though he wouldn't mind spoiling her. It was difficult not to... And the taste of his blood made her want him more and more.

Perhaps it was cannibalism to allow her to feed on him, but they were beasts now... no longer mortal.

Ok, so I fail in writing a proper fanfic to go with the painting I did, but hopefully it was good to read anyway.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bee Season

A seemingly simple family of a child with a special gift, Bee Season follows the story of Eliza Naumann, the youngest child and daughter of Saul and Miriam Naumann. What starts as a little girl's attempt to be closer to her father ends in a strained relationship amongst a once strong family bond. Saul's obsession with his daughter leaves his wife and son lonely, leading Miriam into a deeper into her obsessive-compulsive disorder and Aaron to question his religious views and convert into becoming a Hare Krishna.

The film shows each individual attempt to become closer to God, finding his/her own way to Him. All of which seem to be unsuccessful, aside from Eliza's. It was a strange movie, but I happen to like Richard Gere. And it's a reminder of how parents can become overly obsessed with their child's success, that nothing else seems to matter... including their own family. However, the effects were pretty good... It makes me wonder if Richard Gere could really play the violin. ♥

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unleashed (Danny the Dog)

unleashed (danny the dog)Danny, a young man trained to be a human "attack dog", is a skilled fighter who has the emotional capacity of a young child. When his owner, "Uncle" Bart unchains his collar, he becomes unstoppable; giving Bart the upper hand when it comes to collecting loans.

In a strange twist of fate, Danny meets a blind piano tuner, Sam. It was the first time anyone treated him like a human being, not to mention Danny was completely fascinated by pianos to begin with.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, an accident occurred, leading Danny to think that his uncle is dead. With no one left to turn to, he returns to Sam. Will Sam be able to give Danny a normal life, or will Danny's past catch up to him and endanger Sam and his step-daughter Victoria?

I got to catch this on Studio 23 tonight... I remember my brother-in-law asking me about this film and told him I couldn't recall this film, even though we had seen it together before. Now that I was able to jog my memory a bit, it's pretty good, and Jet Li and Morgan Freeman did an awesome job. The story's a little on the straight forward side, but the action scenes are cool... so it's not a bad film to see when you're bored.

...just not the kind of film to watch when you're trying to draw Shoujo Manga. I completely failed at drawing 2 more pages because of this movie, heh. Ah well...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Special Delivery!

The following occurred between 8pm to 9pm.

Mom: Oh, hey, I almost forgot… you got a package from the post today.

Me: Package? From whom?

Mom: Christy… something. I put it on your bed. You can open it later after dinner.

Me: …I don’t know a Chris-

Me: …

Me: *scampers up her room*

Mom: H-hey! Get back here this instant, young lady!

special delivery from christy lijewski

Me: …it can’t be.

Me: *diligently and nervously opens the envelop*

re: play goodies

Me: OMG! It is!!! Wai~! A-and s-so, this would m-mean that…

Me: *peeks inside book*

re: play special character tag

Me: ♥♥♥TAG~!♥♥♥

Me: *melts in a puddle of fangirl goo~*

Thank you so much for this, Christy! And Tag looks oh so pretty. *o*

And for people who have no idea what I’m talking about, do you recall this post I made a few months back? No? Shame on you. >[

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Onegai My Melody: Episode 02

I should hurry up with these reviews since Season 2 is already available for download, hahaha~ ♥ At the same time, I love re-watching this low budget anime... I really must be insane.

Episode 02: I Wish I Could Study!

Previously, we saw Kuromi setting her eyes out on Hiiragi. Little did either of them know, the Melody Bow has found its true master, and Hiiragi is more than happy to oblige. He agrees to the task of recharging the melody key in order to attain the song the world has never heard before.

My Melody explains how collecting all 100 black notes could mean the destruction of the entire world as they knew it. Playing the music the black notes create would kill every human dream, no matter how big or small they may be. Killing dreams would render all emotions meaningless, killing Mari Land as well.

The following day, Uta and her sisters run off to school without eating breakfast. This worried My Melody and that was when she decided she should cook for them. Aside from that, the house was a mess, so in exchange for letting her stay in the Yumeno household, she's decided to help around the house.

In school, Uta's classmate, Taniguchi dreams of being able to study better. His best score ever since elementary school was only 30, and that was when they were asked to write their name.

Naturally, Kuromi comes along and decides to give him a computer for a head. The only problem was, he constantly needed new data to keep himself from activating his screen saver, or going into sleep mode. His need for new data became insatiable as he began attacking his entire class with translations, equations, and other things he could think of.

It was a good thing My Melody was passing by the school to check up on Uta. She manages to get a mouse mascot to stop Taniguchi from destroying everything in class.

Nevertheless, Kuromi's magic allowed Taniguchi to realize studying is something he should work hard on himself. Even if it was easier to study having a computer for a head, he preferred to be the way he was, earning My Melody another pink note.

It's interesting how the mouse was able to finish his task without having My Melody say "onegai" (which she does in all other episodes). But the real question is, why would Hiiragi agree to destroying the world? He happily does the task of recharging the Melody Key for Kuromi to do her magic. Perhaps there is something much deeper to this than the episode reveals?

...of course, I know the answer to that question, but I'm not saying anything. :3

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Proposal

the proposal - here comes the bribeWhat do you do if your boss, whom you absolutely loathe, suddenly tells you that the two of you are getting married?

That is the unfortunate(?) situation Andrew Paton finds himself in as his boss, Margaret Tate, is in danger of getting herself deported back to Canada, losing her job and everything she's worked for to the employee she had just fired. Andrew plays along with her game in order to get promoted to editor, and get his manuscript published.

Who knew that the hard-working assitant was actually not all the editor-in-chief thought he was?

This was a very enjoyable film~! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds did a very good job in their own respective roles, and Betty White was simply adorable~! I won't spoil much about it, since really, it's better to just go see it than to read about it... So go watch it, please! :D

That aside, Leilei has jipped me into joining Twitter. Do follow me if it suits your tastes? :3 Though I wonder how long I'll last with this one, seeing I dropped plurk a long time ago.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just One Kiss…

I finally got to finish this meme a few days ago. It was quite challenging for me since I’m not very good at drawing kisses… It makes me feel awkward when I try to draw them, probably because the idea of kissing is enough to make me do a double take?

Uta and Hiiragi's Kiss Meme by ~kurohiko on deviantART

Jun took over the task of kissing on the nose since neither Hiiragi nor Uta felt like doing it, haha. xD Sebastian will have a heck of a time cleaning up when the brothers stop fighting, I’m sure. The kiss on the lips really remind me of Honey and Clover… I blame Leilei for that, since she’s watching the J-drama and she gave me that idea. The ferris wheel looks a little weird… I think it could have been better, but eh…

And yeah, the kiss on the ear killed me. x/////x;;;

I don’t think I can draw the second part of this… the sexy version, omg. But I do want to try finishing the meme because I want to learn how to draw kisses properly.

I need a new series to get addicted to. I have way too many fanarts of Onegai My Melody… ;x;

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Typo of the Year?

president arroyo dead instead of president cory? real or fake?My officemate decided to share this news clipping to us this morning.


WITH UTMOST CARE. Military honor guard carefully moves the coffin of President Arroyo out of the Manila Cathedral. (Photo by Tony Pionilla)

I have no idea whether this image is Photoshop-ed or not. You can click the image to see the original version (which I linked to the original source), but if it is real, someone might kick the bucket for it. You have to admit, it's a little amusing, intentional or not.

Senator Noynoy Aquino gave a rather bold statement about Arroyo's reign. He mentioned in an interview that Arroyo was beginning to be a lot like Marcos, and he wondered if the Aquino's would have to be the ones to clean up after her... again. It makes me wonder if he has plans to run for Presidency when the time comes.

I wonder... how long will the people's resolve last this time around...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Public Enemies

public enemies movie posterThe life story of John Dillinger, one of USA's infamous criminals has found it's way to the silver screen.

"Public Enemies" stars Johnny Depp and Christian Bale as they portray the charismatic cat-and-mouse game between the thief, John Dillinger, and FBI Agent, Melvin Purvis as set in the late 1930's. It shows how Dillinger was able to escape from prison twice and his heists; robbing banks and even planning to rob a train.

I've seen the documentary about the life of John Dillinger. Sadly, the documentary was far more interesting than the movie. I suppose eating at Tony Roma's before watching this film made it even more difficult to stay awake, which I have to say, is still a very good place for honey-cured, baby back ribs and cookie skillets. I should write a proper review about that restaurant some time. But even with that aside, the movie didn't show much of John's charisma. To most viewers, it probably didn't make sense why people were cheering him on when he was caught in Tucson and extradited back to Indiana since we didn't see much of his charm towards his hostages.

Oh well, I suppose I should have said I prefered to watch "The Proposal", but brother-in-law seemed really keen in watching this movie. And honestly, I was expecting it to be much better than what I saw because of that documentary. I guess seeing Johnny Depp and Christian Bale makes up for the weird story line. :3

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farewell, My Lady...

a scene outside the aquino household in times street

A sad, yet uplifting scene I keep seeing past when I head to work. You'll have to forgive the photo quality, I took it from inside the car this morning. It's a little frustrating that traffic is killing me ever since people have been coming to visit outside of the late president's house, but it's also nice to see people appreciating what she has done for this country.

She's probably one of the few honest leaders this country's ever had. And to see people flocking to pay their respects makes me think that the Philippines may not be so hopeless after all.

I hope Lady Corazon Aquino finds peace... she, of all people, deserve it... much, much, more than anyone.