Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Feel Special~ :3

I got a nice surprise in my email today...

delifrance's secret santa email

Aw... I'm special to someone~ x3 But, the coupon was received today but it's only valid until December 14..? ;~; Wah~ And there's no Delifrance in Robinson's Galleria!

Makes me sad. :( But thanks to whoever that person was who sent me this~ :3 Even if it's just a marketing person from Delifrance or something like that. It's the thought that counts after all, and you made my day today~! *hugz~*

Now I'm looking forward to the Christmas Party. x3 Probably the only one I'll go to again this year. I got my Kris Kringle ready and my costume too~

..and I'll be sure to kick anyone who makes fun of me where the sun don't shine. >E

Merry Christmas~! :D