Monday, October 28, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Demonic Prison de Joaquin

While contemplating whether or not I should go on a solo mission in Demonic Prison de Joaquin, I happened to chat with another helpful player in the Bounty Hunters Guild. We chatted up on how much I failed in using potions since I’m heavily reliant on my Scout’s healing ability, she told me to go to my Family attribute page and upgrade Renae’s healing power.

granado espada demonic prison de joaquin mission accursed the chrysalis

It worked out pretty well. I should consider going to these missions more often to get more points, but solo missions are costly for an unskilled, returning player like me. I told her that I failed in accomplishing Demonic Prison de Joaquin once before, and she advised me to run whenever the hoards of enemies attack at the same time as the boss since that Accursed Chrysalis is practically immobile anyway.

granado espada demonic prison de joaquin mission accursed the chrysalis

Worked like a charm. It’s kinda nice that there are helpful players now, unlike before… but I’m wondering, for certain players like the last one that gave me a ton of weapons to help me out, are they now tired of playing GE? Is GE still a healthy game, considering all the new ones coming out now, or should I stop before I get too addicted?

All these considerations are making me sleepy… goodnight.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Breaking Novia’s Seal

Finally got around to finishing this part of Gavin’s recruitment quest! The weird thing was that I remember this being my second try, but I wasn’t allowed in the Ice Wizard’s Tower the second time around because, according to the statue of the frozen girl, I needed to finish all of my Katovic’s quests first. Weird?

Well, “Maxed-Out Player” bypassed that problem with his character so I got in anyway. What I don’t understand with Granado Espada lately is that their lag is getting worse everyday. My characters tend to get their HPs reduced to less than half before they could actually start moving!

I already mentioned that Scouts are pretty much useless when you’re at higher levels, right? Well, I gave Renae a Silver Rosario, so she’s not completely useless anymore. I still need to use pots every so often, but at least her character buffs are worth the headache.

Also for this quest, Rue’s Levitation stance was far more useful for this part of the quest than his expert stance. I guess floating in the air made most of the enemies unable to attack him, and Photon Splash was really effective too.

And that’s it! Back to the drawing board for now… Ugh… I feel so burned out…

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Rue Kuassary

granado espada male wizard le noir

Like I mentioned before, Rue is the last character I’d expect to become head of the Kuassary Family since wizards are so weak! Their power only comes from special attacks, since their melee attacks and defense are not very high… but under previously-mentioned-player’s advisement to ditch my Summoner, Rue power-leveled to Expert, and later, received a Master scroll.

He’s now at level 121 in Le Noir armor for Wizards… And those cat ears? Well, they were a gift, and I don’t think you can get them anymore, so I’ll let Rue wear it, possibly forever! Heehee~

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Power-Leveling Day

Some time in August, when I had just begun playing Granado Espada again, I met a certain obnoxious player who claimed he could take anything GE could throw at him.

A few days of chatting up with him both in game and in the forums, he told me that he could level up my primary characters in a few hours of raiding with him. I didn’t believe him, because I pretty much thought he was showing off again, but I went along the Castilla Mine raid.

Ok, he was right.

granado espada castilla mine raid

We went on the raid twice. Three times if you count my lethal, noob attempt at killing a level 120 boss. And basically power leveled Rukia (my Fighter) and Renae (my Scout) to Expert, Rei (Catherine Summoner) to Veteran, and Rue (my Wizard) to Veteran.

He bought me an Expert stance for Rue too. I guess he’s really generous, or he’s just really maxed out in GE. Who knows?

If I didn’t have manga work keeping me busy, I would have continued on playing and leveling up my primary and secondary characters. I never would have thought Rue would have higher levels than Rukia since he’s so weak, but hey! Now he’s the head of the harem family!

Guess I’ll be playing this for a little while longer.

Oh and by the way? Scouts are kinda useless once you get into Veteran and Expert levels. I need new NPC healers.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

BEBOP Hobby Shop Prize: Hakuoki Chibi Figure Set – Rasetsu Version

bebop hobby shop prize - hakuoki chibi figure set - rasetsu version

I still can’t believe I won out of all who entered this BEBOP Hobby Shop's contest! To be honest, I kind of forgotten about ever entering this since I often enter these types of contests just for the heck of it. After all, it’s nice to dream about owning items you can’t afford (at the moment), right?

Well, look what came in the mail today!