Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hong Kong Food!!!

A dear friend was returning from a business trip in Hong Kong and asked what I’d like him to get for me. When I told him I wanted the Beef Curry from Cafe de Coral, I didn’t expect him to bring me home…

delicious food fresh from hong kong

…this much food!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! The white chicken (clear plastic container on the lower right) is not really one of my favorite foods, but my mom really enjoyed it. Of course, who can complain about barbeque pastries (white bowl on the upper left), chicken pot pie from a famous bakery (plastic wrapping on the upper right), and a delicious Hong Kong style egg tart (hiding behind my beef curry)?!

beef curry from cafe de coral

The beef curry was still as good as I remembered it~ Highly recommended unless you don’t like spicy food, but there’s always dong naicha (cold milk tea) available to cool you down. I’m definitely carbo-loading, but who cares about the stupid diet when you have this much delicious food in front of you?!

And that’s not all either! Here’s something Bong might be interested in:

coca-cola, sprite, and coke in bottle-shaped cans with kitkat caramel and kitkat cookies and cream

These are the weirdest if not cutest looking Coke in cans that I’ve ever seen! I asked him to buy a can to bring home since I told him that cokes from different countries taste differently, but I never expected to see them canned in these designs!

I kept the empty can of the slimmer coke while my brother kept the rest. I haven’t tried the blue KitKat, Cookies and Cream yet, but the caramel one was a little too sticky for me. I don’t like candy that sticks to my teeth when I chew it… it’s bad for you!

I need to get back to my running… These pictures just made me feel a wee bit guiltier about being too sick to go out for a jog. Where are those running shoes???