Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who’s Your Momma?

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter

Renae approves of Rukia’s new look!
And Rei will just be... cowering in a corner... crying her eyes out.

Oddly enough, I was a level 81 just yesterday. As you can see, however, Rei, Renae, and Rukia have all jumped to level 84. 2x EXP is working wonders for my game addiction. *_*

The Gladiator’s Armor looks very good on Rukia, and short hair really suits her! I was going to get her the hat to go with her new suit, but since I already bought this haircut for her some time ago, I might stick with this look for a while.

I was going to get the Pericolo set for Renae, since one of the members of the HeroEmpires gave me the hat already… but someone was selling a +6 Rescue Suit for level 84 for only 700,000 Vis. Quite a deal considering Andre sells the Pericolo without modifications at a cool 1,920,000 Vis!

Too bad for Rei though, as I can’t afford to buy her a new look. NPC need real money for their costumes, but I should at least get her a new Leather Armor. She’s level 84 and she’s still wearing a 76 Ringmail! Why are Ringmails more expensive than the exclusive attires for characters anyway? @_@;;;

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recruiting My Viki

granado espada item - cabosseFor the new pioneers who wish to do the Viki quest, do not sell your Cabosse. It will be essential in the first part of Viki’s quest; Cacao Sonador.

I recall farming this item when I was still recruiting Lisa Lynway. It was very easy to get, but when you’re at a higher level, drop rates are not in your favor. Worse, buying this from the Market Manager will cost you 10000 to 20000 Vis each, and you need 300 pieces of these things.

My Faction-mate said this item is also dropped in Rio Albi which levels at 87-90. I wasn’t able to try it since I’m only level 81 right now. Getting the Robo R 90 is a lot easier since they’re quest items.

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter - treasure golem and aratat

Battling the Treasure Golem was a lot more exciting though. Rukia, Rei, and Renae were all at level 81, so it was pretty easy for them to defeat the golem. Viki’s grandfather, Ulrich, summoned Aratat, who is the cutest little giant I have ever seen! Much better looking than the Treasure Golem. Shame on Cheryl for saying he’s a useless old thing!

Now I have to do the next part of the quest which is gathering items to repair Aratat. It’s a bit boring with the spawn rates so low in Ferrucio Junction, so I might pause this for a while to take advantage of the 2x EXP for now.

Speaking of giants though…

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter - hill giant and tiger hornet

Look at that cute Hill Giant! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one, and he was only level 6! I was wondering if there was a Viki somewhere in the area who summoned it, but then he tried to kill me!

Ah well… back to leveling up for me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Level Me Up!

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter

Rukia: Rei’s not about to do what I think she’s going to do… is she?

Renae: Eep! If she scares that Auch Guard, we’re going to get slaughtered! Rukia! Stop her!

Rukia: …you’re kidding, right?

Crappy, one-screen, fail!webcomic aside, Granado Espada SEA has Game Wide 2x EXP which quickly allowed me to jump from level 76 to 80. Still not enough to kill the bosses lurking around Prison de Joaquin, but Renae looks good in her Rescue Suit… something I got from a HeroEmpires Faction member who no longer comes online. :( Kinda sad when I think about it…

Now if only I can train them fast enough to reach level 100 before 2x EXP ends on July 1.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Granado Espada: The Queens of SEES

granado espada - kuassary family - rangiku and rue - female elementalist and male wizard

After a long hiatus from MMORPGs, the Kuassary Family has returned to Granado Espada for some mindless fun… Only to find out that my first faction, the HeroEmpires, no longer exists.

I’ve checked my Friends Lists constantly as I relearned the game’s controls but none of the familiar people I knew appeared online. So I wandered around on my own and decided to finish any pending Quests and even started the Viki Quest after I figured out that only starts every Wednesday.

It was all that wandering in the Port of Coimbra that Faction Leader of SEES, Neon Hearts, found me.

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter

Now with my main family, Renae (Female Scout), Rei (Catherine the Summoner), and Rukia (Female Fighter) at level 76, Deputy Leader Elleszar has dubbed me “The Violet Queen of SEES”. There are only a few girl gamers left in Granado Espada, and the SEES Faction currently houses 3: The Red, White, and Violet Queens. I am Violet, because I can be “violent”, despite my low level. xD;;;

I’m glad I got Rangiku (Female Elementalist) and Rue (Male Wizard) up to level 52. They were in desperate need of a wardrobe change. Rie, my Catherine STR, is also up to level 36. I’m a little worried about the patch to GE 4.5 though. Simply because everyone knows how terrible I am with manual patching. -_-;;; But I’m looking forward to the release of Catherine Torsche!

All hail the Red, White, and Violet Queens of SEES! (Not the candy, mind you, but the organization from Persona 4)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story 3: Be Good to Your Toys!

One of the better movies I’ve seen in a while…

Toy Story 3. It made me think, how could Disney and Pixar pull-off a third successful movie seeing the first and second ones were absolutely fantastic?

I was blown. Away.

toy stoy 3 - woody, buzz lightyear, jessie, bullseye, slinky dog, mister potato head, missus potato head, rex, hamm, squeez toy aliens, sarge, sergeant, bucket o soldies

Andy, now a 17-year-old kid getting ready for college, no longer has time to play with his toys like he used to. After countless garage sales and spring cleanings, Woody’s family becomes smaller and smaller, even losing Little Bo Peep and her sheep.

Left with only Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, Toy Aliens, and a few Toy Soldiers, Andy’s mother begins to pester him to clean up his room and gave him two choices: to throw out or to donate the stuff he can’t bring to college with him. Otherwise, anything left in his room will be thrown out. What will he do to his beloved toys?

I’m 26, but I still have a lot of my childhood toys hidden in my room and around the house. The ending made me tear up a bit because I began to feel guilty about not playing with my old toys. And well, are PVCs even considered toys? I’ve never played with them the way Andy did, haha~

I highly recommend watching this in the theater. Don’t miss it, guys! And oh yeah, Totoro from Studio Ghibli’s “My Neighbor Totoro” is in this movie!!! I want a plush of him too! :(

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Sprite

green tea spriteAs far as “obey your thirst” goes, this takes the cake.

If you love green tea, then you are going to love this. My trip to Taiwan has introduced to my new favorite soft drink: Green Tea Sprite. Now, if you don’t like tea at all, you can forget this drink ever existed, because it’s a very fragrant drink. It’s not flowery-fragrant, but my sister thinks it may be close to sweet Jasmine tea.

One should not leave Taiwan without tasting this soft drink, soda, pop, or whatever you’d like to call it because sadly, I’ve only ever seen this in Taiwan, hence the Chinese characters. I wasn’t able to bring some home, because you can’t bring liquids from outside the airport to the plane, but my sister and my brother-in-law were lucky enough to get the new vending machines when they flew back to Manila from Taipei. They got me 3 in total, but I’ve already drank one bottle before I was able to take a photo.

Needless to say, I’ll be reserving a bottle (or both) for a special occasion… whether it’s good or bad news, no one is stealing these bottles of Green Tea Sprite from me.

Now if only I can find a way to smuggle some green tea milk from Taiwan. Hm…

Thursday, June 17, 2010

California Berry: Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

I just had a new, deliciously colored, frozen yogurt!

California Berry has released their Blueberry Flavored Frozen Yogurt! I couldn’t get the photo to come out any better than this because of the lighting in the shop, but the yogurt is actually purple! And it tastes delicious~! It’s the first time I ever saw frozen yogurt in this color! Plus, it’s not very sweet, so it’s perfect for fruits and nuts toppings!

My sister mentioned she thinks it tastes more like grape than it does blueberries, but I don’t really care. I like it either way!

The Starbucks tumbler is something I bought in Taiwan by the way. The frozen yogurt is available here, and the California Berry branch on Tomas Morato is open until 1am on weekdays and 3am on weekends. Since my sister never sleeps, we’ll be frequenting this place in the next few days.

I hope they make this a regular flavor from now on. I want to have another cup of this soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make Your Cheeseburger Count

When I went to get my passport renewed last May, my brother wasn’t sure how he was going to pick me up so he told me to get something to eat. The Department of Foreign Affairs had a McDonald’s right across the street, so I decided that I might as well take the short walk there seeing that the building was closing and that I drained my PSP battery again.

I like McDonald’s, but not that much. I didn’t want to eat anything heavy since it was 5pm, so I decided to get a cheeseburger.

Only, the girl at the counter didn’t just give me a cheeseburger, she handed me something else.

mcdonald's campaign - make your cheeseburger count

It was a sticker for McDonald’s “Make Your Cheeseburger Count”. Every time a customer buys a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, 1 Peso is donated to a local charity known as “Bright Minds Read” through Ronald McDonald House Charity. Their goal? To reach one million pesos worth of donations.

I made my cheeseburger count! My sticker is the one on the lower-right corner of the photo. I hope you guys will too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


juvenile orion - tsukasa amou by cokho7A new and clean blogger layout later, I feel as if I want to blog more frequently again.

When I was still using WordPress for my blogs, I used to have a Shakugan no Shana layout. It was one of my favorites, despite the overall theme being green. Green is my least favorite color, but it used to be my favorite until my older sister got angry at me for “imitating” her… that was when I switched to pink and then blue-violet.

To be honest, I didn’t really like Shakugan no Shana very much. When I was watching the series, it became a little tiresome for me, and I never finished season 1. It wasn’t until I read the light novel that I appreciated it, even just a little.

You may also notice that I’ve been plurking again. I’m not much of a plurker compared to before, but my purks are almost always different from my tweets. Feel free to be one of my fans, or if I know you in some way or form, then be one of my friends!

I will need to update this blog again soon, but for now, I need my sleep. Things have been rough lately, and I haven’t been sleeping properly because of the stress… partially also because of the weather.

But I would also like to ask… if you believe in God, please pray for me. The future looks so bleak that I’ve been refusing to look ahead. I’m not in denial, but keeping my spirits and hopes up is very challenging.

I really need all the help I can get at this point, so thanks a lot in advance! I will blog about this in more detail when I get more information.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DJ Max Technika

I should have blogged about this some time ago, but I've been lazy in writing lately.

I first heard about DJ Max Technika when I was strolling around Taiwan. There were several posters about this game "coming soon" in various arcades we'd pass by the Underground Malls. I thought it was another game for the PSP, but I was glad to find out I was wrong.

It's a pretty good game, though I've only played a few times in the past several weeks. I get most D's and C's in the Popular category, but at least I get to finish? Heh...

And suddenly! I have this:

dj max technika card - here in the moment

Now as much as I adore this card, I was recently face to face with a real live jerk who used her Platinum Card status to make fun of the other players at Trinoma. The worst part was, I saw her card and it had the same design as mine! Now I want it changed...

I'm thinking about buying another card, specifically the one with "Fate" as its design. I wonder if I can return and exchange this one instead? Please tell me that's possible... >.>;;;