Monday, July 18, 2011

Kozui Green Tea Cafe

kozui anmitsu

Kozui is well-known for their Green Tea soft-serve ice cream, especially their Japanese version of Halo-Halo known as Anmitsu. I mean, look at that gorgeous, green swirl and tell me your mouth doesn’t water. And with taro, green tea jelly, red bean, sago, a fruit of your choice, and mochi? How could anyone resist?

…I did last week, and it was because of this:

kozui tokyo sakura milktea

If you've hanged around with me enough, you’ll know that I have a weak spot for milk tea. Whether it’s hot or cold, I love having my teas with milk~ Now Kozui came up with a medley that I will forever love: Cherry Blossom Milk Tea. They call it Tokyo Sakura, and it is a must try. :D If you don’t like sweets that much (like yours truly~), then ask the server to make it less sweet. The fragrance of the blossoms in the tea is always more than enough for me to ask for more.

I have tried the rose version though, which is what I plan to have next time I go to Kozui~ Which will be very soon, since I’m already dreaming about it while I’m writing this~ ♥

On another note, why does it feel like summer again? ;x;

Friday, July 15, 2011

Butterfly Comb

I finally for my bluetooth working on my new PC! I have so many photos in my phone that I want to post here that I don’t know which to show first!

However, I am currently swamped with work and drawing and manga, so I will start with something simple:

butterfly comb from hua mulan

This is a hand-carved, pine wood comb I bought from Hua Mulan in SM Annex. Apparently, natural materials such as wood, ox horn, and goat horn make excellent combs because the mainstream, plastic types will cause hair static.

I’m not sure what else the girl was saying, but my sister swears by their product! I wasn’t really interested in buying one until I saw this.

<_< >_> What? I really like butterflies long before I met Yuuko-san!

So far, it does make my hair more manageable than usual. My hair is very hard to tame, so that says a lot! Plus, I comb my hair more often now, because I like poking the butterflies on the comb. ;u;

Simple pleasures… we must treasure them daily~ Just like my lovely Kaname-sama layout~~ ♥