Saturday, December 20, 2008

My New (and First) Crocheted Hat

So, thanks to Yarrow influencing me to get back to crocheting, I went ahead and asked my sister to buy me a few larger hooks for making hats and scarves and the like...

I actually enjoy crocheting as a hobby, but I've never made anything that I can wear myself.

Oh wait, do Belldandy-like gloves count? I made those before using lace thread and hook. o_o;;;

Anyway~ I liked Yarrow's hat, so I decided to grab the pattern (which was apparently by Dot Matthews) and see if I can make it myself.

mokona wearing my puffy slouchy crocheted hat - top view

Yes, that is a black Mokona plush (and I have a white one too), and yes, even though I don't like the color green, I made my hat green.

Why? Because there seems to be a sort of yarn shortage here in the Philippines...

How do I know this? My first try on this pattern was with using a gray colored yarn, but since I needed to buy 2 more balls of the same color to finish and there weren't any despite going to 5 different stores, I just gave up and winged it with a green one.

mokona wearing my puffy slouchy crocheted hat - perspective viewIt makes me wonder if my sister will take my hat from me if she sees this. o_o;;; She's the green monster after all...

I don't like how the puffs came out since I went with a 3 strand(?) puff than 4. I didn't read the instructions properly, so I didn't know it had to be 4, heh... o_o;;; And since puffs were a pain to do and I had read about the mistake after I finished 1 row of puffs, I decided to leave it as it is. I ended up using a 3 puff for the 1st and 3rd row, and a 4 puff in the 2nd row.

Another thing is... I thought this hat would be too small for me to wear, but the original pattern fits my head. o.o;;; It's a bit snug, such that I'm sure it won't get blown off by the wind unless it's really stormy, but I wouldn't mind making a slightly larger one so that it'll be slouchier~

It's also a heck of a lot warmer than I expected it to be. o_o;;; Winter hat, it is. Philippine hat, it is not. But I might end up wearing it to go to the office once anyway...

Still pretty happy at how it turned out, seeing this is my first try following text instructions (which didn't make any sense at all and I went ahead and did it the way I thought it should). I want to try making amigurumi next... I tried making one using the lacy crochet but gave up since I had no patterns to go on at the time...

A.illusions plushies would be nice...

mokona wearing my puffy slouchy crocheted hat - top view

Mokona looks like she's enjoying wearing my hat~ x3 *nods nods* She's SO CUTE!!!

I wonder if I should put these pictures up in my deviant art? o_o;;;


  1. at least you can read the pattern ; ;i'm too slow to read it/// zomgah give me teh greenies!!!!

  2. Shiji: Domo~

    Biscuit: Technically, I can't... I imitated what it looked like in the image, and I changed the very last row...

    Since this is my first, I don't want to give it away. xD But I can make you one? :3

  3. Congratulations. You finally finished it. :)