Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's in a Name?

kuroshitsuji / black butler sebastian michaelis icon made by cokho7I'm not one to make or indulge in gossip... In fact, I never follow the local showbiz news. However, this one news can't escape me because of my name.

Yes, I'm talking about the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho incident. I'm not going to deny that my name is in fact, Columbia Kho. Lots of people have been asking me lately if I'm related to Hayden...

In fact, hearsay suggests he even went to the same school as me.

I suppose my last name is pretty unique, that's why people assume what they want... Honestly though? I've never heard of anyone from my family by the name of Hayden. I had a classmate in my high school who is also a Kho but we never knew each other before. Then again, "Kho" is my father's name, and I'm not very well acquainted with my father's side of the family. And they also say all Kho's (including Co, Ko, Koh or however you spell it), are related in some way or form, but that doesn't mean I know Hayden personally.

So if you really want more information on this scandal, you're really not going to get it from me.

If you want my opinion about the subject though, here is it: I don't like what happened to Katrina... but I also don't like what she did. Based on the first video my officemate so generously shared, she knew she was being video tapped, so then why would you make a sex video? If Hayden was the one who tapped it, what was his purpose? He's married, for goodness sake, and I don't think he'd make that evidence just to kill his marriage with Vicki Belo.

Then again... people are capable of doing the cruelest things.

When my mom, my brother, and I were watching the news about the scandal, I jokingly commented I should change my name to avoid all this gossip. Surprisingly enough, she agreed. She wants me to change my whole name, and not just my last name, HAHA! Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. hmm... name game... suggestion?

    how about... the name of your female pet + the last name of the street you live in?

    :P :P

  2. Buwisit. xD I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

  3. i have a blockmate whose last name is kho. xD lol.

    what about make Rei your real name. :3 lol. *glompuuuuuuuuuu*

  4. I should... "Rei Kuassary" really has a nice ring to it. xDDD

    *glomps back* <3

  5. Ko isnt that UNIQUE.. You're right that there alot of variations.. I know lots of KO's, Kho's, and Co's.... You shouldn't get affected by this. It's too bad that people's minds are just so dirty and they want to share what Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho did in the bedroom... It's also unfortunate that other people think that their opinion matters.. When the truth is that most of them are just insignificant and that "Katrina" doesn't even know that they exist... People like to cast their stones to someone who is familiar on t.v.... But if you look at some 'dating sites' or 'porn sites' who are showing more than what KH exposed....

    Anyway.. You shouldnt be brag about being related to Dr. Kho... He has a really small dick.. that's why he's probably compensating the size of it by sleeping with lots of chicks

  6. ...if you read my post again, please, you will understand that I do not even know if I'm related to Doctor Kho. So please read before accusing me of bragging to be related to that... thing, hm?

    I posted this people hiding behind anonymous names are accusing me of being related to him and I've had enough of it.

    And for goodness sake, comments like these are of no help. both of them did something wrong, and again, if you read my post, I didn't take anyone's sides. Dear gracious...

  7. kho... KO, CO, its too much... NAME GAME...

    There's a song that goes something like this:

    "Kho - Kho ba Kho-kho, bananabana ba kho-kho-kho, fe-fi kho-kho-kho, Hayden Kho..."

    -80's Song - Name Game :P

    BTW - The one of the people they are accusing, Chua, was my former boss some 4-5 years ago... :P

  8. I don't think I was born yet at the time. >.<;;;

    Which makes it worse since Chua is my middle name? *shot* xD

  9. So are you related to both? NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

  10. ...the truth is my mom thought it might have been my cousin. :3 But after we saw Eric on TV, we're pretty sure we don't know him...

  11. hahaha oh well...

    i saw his picture too at a tv expose show... hahaha, saw that pose?

    BTW, Head Honky is an Anagram for Hayden Kho and Cheats Honk Junior is an Anagram for Erik Johnston Chua...

    haha... well, the nation treats this as a major issue... politicians and celebrities alike are riding the popularity (even some individuals too!)

    you're just "caught" in the Crossfire of having both names... :P get a new pen name! :P

  12. how about rei hiiragi? mwahahahahaha

  13. i just lol at some of the comments.
    in my own understanding...
    1. she was just telling that she is not in any way prolly not related to hayden just because of her last name
    2. people have their own opinions and in this case she is just voicing out her opinion.
    to tell the truth, i am tired of hearing too much news about that one. it's too sensationalized that the other i guess important things to tackle are being pushed to the back... i mean atm i am watching 24 oras on gmatv and mostly the news is like about 80% on the scandal and like what 1% about the problems with the schools that got destroyed by the storm.
    not that i dont care about the victims but at least give equal importance on other issues that are needed to be tackled.