Thursday, December 6, 2012

Teaberi ♥

green tea with honey and grass jelly from teaberi

I’ve been going tea crazy lately… probably because it’s still so hot in the Philippines even if it is December already! I’d usually grab a soda, but since I’m on a health kick, I’ve replaces most of my soda with tea.

This is probably my favorite among all the tea places out there. Teaberi’s green tea with honey is excellent with their grass jelly. I’d suggest that you only get 50% sugar with this drink, but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth to begin with. The jelly itself has some syrup on it, so 50% is pretty much all the sweetness I can take.

Their peach tea is also not bad, but I think this is more fragrant that the peach. I also haven’t tried their milk teas yet, but I think I may have gotten over the whole milk tea fad… Clear teas are less on my guilty conscience too! Especially the ones I brew myself~ Ehehe~

Anyone else who are addicted to teas out there? Suggest some new places for me please~

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hong Kong Food!!!

A dear friend was returning from a business trip in Hong Kong and asked what I’d like him to get for me. When I told him I wanted the Beef Curry from Cafe de Coral, I didn’t expect him to bring me home…

delicious food fresh from hong kong

…this much food!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! The white chicken (clear plastic container on the lower right) is not really one of my favorite foods, but my mom really enjoyed it. Of course, who can complain about barbeque pastries (white bowl on the upper left), chicken pot pie from a famous bakery (plastic wrapping on the upper right), and a delicious Hong Kong style egg tart (hiding behind my beef curry)?!

beef curry from cafe de coral

The beef curry was still as good as I remembered it~ Highly recommended unless you don’t like spicy food, but there’s always dong naicha (cold milk tea) available to cool you down. I’m definitely carbo-loading, but who cares about the stupid diet when you have this much delicious food in front of you?!

And that’s not all either! Here’s something Bong might be interested in:

coca-cola, sprite, and coke in bottle-shaped cans with kitkat caramel and kitkat cookies and cream

These are the weirdest if not cutest looking Coke in cans that I’ve ever seen! I asked him to buy a can to bring home since I told him that cokes from different countries taste differently, but I never expected to see them canned in these designs!

I kept the empty can of the slimmer coke while my brother kept the rest. I haven’t tried the blue KitKat, Cookies and Cream yet, but the caramel one was a little too sticky for me. I don’t like candy that sticks to my teeth when I chew it… it’s bad for you!

I need to get back to my running… These pictures just made me feel a wee bit guiltier about being too sick to go out for a jog. Where are those running shoes???

Saturday, October 13, 2012


If there was ever such a thing as an appropriate crossover, this would be it.

I keep imagining Haruka using Vocaloids to write her songs, then giving the mp3 to each of the boys as a study tape. That way, they’ll get all their notes right faster than having to read them from her piano piece sheet.

Ok, my imagination is running away with me again~ Hoho~ Time for bed!

EDIT: And for the guys, you might enjoy this version better:

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Patch of Rainbow

patch of rainbow 20120903

A little thing that caught my eye
A patch of Rainbow in the Sky
Reminds me, Lord, of days gone by
Where You are always by my side.

“A Patch of Rainbow” by Columbia Kho

I am a sap. Too bad the rainbow isn’t really that visible in the photo. If I had taken this three minutes earlier, it would have probably been much clearer, but I'll take what I can get.

Photo was taken last 3rd of September 2012.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Uta no Prince-sama Music: My Records

I found a bunch of these on my phone, and seeing that I still have my UtaPri layout, I guess I might as well post them here.

hijirikawa masato naito no kiss pro a rank

This is from Hijirikawa Masato’s 騎士のKissは雪より優しく Naito no Kiss wa Yuki Yori Yasashiku (A Knight’s Gentle Snowy Kiss?). I think it’s one of the first Pro ranks that I attempted and I was surprised that I managed to get an A rank in only 2 tries! I think I eventually managed to get an S rank for this song though.

ichinose tokiya shall we dance pro a rank

Next is Ichinose Tokiya’s 星屑☆Shall we dance? Hoshikuzu☆Shall We Dance? (Stardust☆Shall we dance?). The very first attempt and I managed an A Rank. It surprised me so much because I had a little trouble with this song in the beginning!

I think Tokiya likes me more than I like him, haha!

shinomiya natsuki orion de shout out pro a rank

Last but definitely not least, my greatest achievement: Shinomiya Natsuki’s オリオンデShout Out “Orion de Shout Out”! Argh, definitely one of the most difficult songs in the game, but not impossible!

This was a sort of goal I wanted to accomplish because Hinano was having a hard time with this particular song and ranted so much about it! It’s also one of the last songs I conquered to complete all the otome clips, but it was nonetheless very satisfying to get an A rank instead of playing the pro level 30 times on B rank to get it. In which case, I didn’t even understand that last clip at all which is all the more disappointing!

I think I have two more pro level songs that don’t have an A rank, but since I can’t read the Japanese light novels that you unlock with those songs? I doubt I’m going to finish it. I wish they’d translate this game already so I can play it all over again!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On the Midnight of September 8th

mcdonals night!

Now this is what I call a midnight snack!

Sorry, my brother and I were only supposed to go out for some twister fries and coke float, but because there was a Matchbox happy meal offer, my brother decided to get all four that night, and we ended up with two trays full of food. All of which we finished, by the way! Way to break my diet!

It’s moments like these that I love my brother very much, haha! Feeding the younger sister with free meals is always important to a healthy brother-and-sister relationship~!