Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Gerero and Jack o’ Lantern’s Coffin

I’ve never encountered the boss on Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge before. So when I saw one lurking about during my loot today, I thought I might try to take him down.

granado espada - prison de joaquin gehenna bridge boss - gerero

Gerero Stats taken from J.U. Path

He’s kind of adorable now that I see the screenshot, but when I was trying to kill him, it took a bit of time. I was wondering if his level was higher than mine, but it turned out this guy could was healing himself! Oh for goodness sake. I don’t think my attacks are powerful enough to go through that again, but it did give me a level 96 Chrome Gaiter, so I guess it was worth it in the end.

granado espada 2013 item - jack o lantern coffin

Thanks to IAH Games’ Halloween Event, I managed to snag a (permanent) Jack o’ Lantern Coffin for my scout. It suits her current look, but I don’t think I will be getting any more of those. The Halloween pumpkin hat is not really my type either, so I guess I will be getting candies for the rest of my Halloween Pumpkins. I need t earn more EXP anyway.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Pray for the Philippines

granado espada - le noir female fighter and le noir male wizard

Typhoon Yolanda hit southern Philippines pretty hard. I’m very thankful that we didn’t get the full force of the storm over here, but it’s still very scary to see dark clouds looming over us.

Over 1200 people died during the storm. If you’d like, please help by donating or volunteering to any of the charities listed on rappler. Whatever you decide to give would be a huge help.

Thanks guys. Stay safe!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Granado Espada Records: Paying Our Respects

To our fallen comrades of the HeroEmpires and SEES faction:
Though you are no longer of this world
We will continue to pray for your safety and well-being…

May you all some day find your way back
That our paths might cross once more.

You are all dearly missed.

You guys may have remembered a similar screenshot back in 2010. A lot of things have changed over the years, and I really miss being part of a faction… but I guess change is inevitable. Maybe one day I can make my own faction too.

For now, belated Happy Halloween! And I hope you guys have visited your Family Graves… I haven’t, and I should go soon!