Saturday, April 5, 2014

I Love (Way Too Much) Coffee

I was only going to play this for the free coins in Line, but it looks like I’m hooked.

I’ve always been curious about this game, but I never could download it on my android phone properly until recently. I’m a sucker for cute things too, and the avatars are adorable!

It’s a casual game where you basically own a coffee shop. You can buy little furniture and decors to make your shop look more personalized. Then you try and win the hearts of special guests so that they’ll visit more often and bring you gifts for making them the best coffee in town!

I said I was going to stop playing this soon since Misaki-taichou and Leilei have already stopped playing but…

I somehow managed to snag a rare item during the lucky box event. JUST LOOKIT HOW CUTE THOSE LITTLE BUNNIES ARE!!! Now I must level up and decorate my cafe to suit them best!

…this can’t end well. It just. Can’t.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cute Disney Things~

I found these while cleaning up last month. I’d forgotten that I’d bought them at a toy store.

These are four different sets of toys that I put together on a whim. The dinning set was supposed to be used as staging for my nendroids, the same way I added the musical instruments set to my UtaPri Petit figures, but seeing as how these Disney food items look great on the table, I might just leave them there.

I think Donald Duck might be slightly off scale, but he’ll be a great model for Cal Duck.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Precious Moments’ Disney Figures

precious moments - beauty and the beast and the little mermaid

I think I remember why I don’t post these photos anymore… Most of them are pretty blurry! But it would be a shame not to post them here. I’ll try to adjust them to the best of my abilities! Huff huff!

I saw these adorable Precious Moments figures while walking around Disneyland in California. Belle from Beauty and the Beast costs $65, while Ariel from The Little Mermaid is $60. It made me pout to know Ariel is cheaper than Belle, but at the same time, it would be much easier to save for, I suppose?

Dichie (my second older sister) is the one who actually collects Precious Moments stuff, but I might make an exception for this. I think Dichie did buy an Ariel already… I’ll have to remember to ask her about it.