Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trip Down Memory- er... Lovers' Lane?!

I went over to UST to get a hold of another copy of my transcript the other day. I have to say, the school has changed quite a lot over the past 4 years.

I didn't have time to take a lot of pictures, but here are some I thought people might find interesting.

an empty lot behind the ust library

This is the area behind the Library. I don't really remember what was behind this area before, but I'm sure there was a kiosk or something there... I don't remember this area to be so open before. But it looked like a good place for the performers of Paskuhan to practice their dance moves. :3

Walking towards the main building from the Dapitan gate, I noticed what used to be 2 floors of parking space had a 4-story building now. I'm assuming it's still being used as a parking space, but I didn't get a good look to tell.

the student center in front of the ust library

Finally, after placing my request for a transcript, I walked back to the car and got a good look at the new building in front of the library. There used to be an open area there with some statues, and now it's been replaced with a Student Center. I think the building has "Tan Yap" on the entrance. What that means... well, your guess is a good as mine.

It was nice that the guards thought I was a student who was passing her final project or something like that. :3 They didn't think much about me not having an I.D. and told me to remember to bring it next time.

Frankly, I remembered security to be a lot stricter. Maybe it's because Paskuhan is around the corner?

Of course, what trip to UST would be complete without Almer's?

almer's famous sizzling porkchop

Almer's Canteen's sizzling porkchop was still as good as ever. The meal cost me P45 + drinks. This was a favorite spot among Fine Arts students since we had to work around a tight budget.

You'll find Almer's in one of the eskinitas along Dapitan. I believe it's the street between Wendy's and the Bus Terminal. x3 But since my sense of direction is anything but reliable, please do correct me if I'm wrong.

EDIT: Well, I'm not wrong-wrong, but thanks to Mirage, Almer's street name is "Alfredo Street". You have to go past Chowking to see the tiny street. :3 Thanks, Mirage!

I want to eat there again. ;~; Delicious food is hard to find these days. It may be a canteen, but the food sure doesn't taste like it was from an ordinary canteen.


  1. Sometimes I envy people who've been to large universities, being able to experience all that diversity. ^^

  2. University life was probably my best school life... xD Even though my blood still boils over that failing grade I had which was never even my fault. >.<;;;

  3. Go uste! Visit BRB sometime. I promise you, their sweet and sour pork makes other sweet and sour porks look like chicken. hehehe


  4. I shall! *o* When I get the chance~

  5. dude. 45 parin ang almers? holy eff.

  6. Yeah, definitely. :D And it's still all that Almer's goodness. :3

  7. the back of the library used to be the colayco park and the coop store :)

    It's Alfredo St...Wendy's is in V.Concepcion, you go past chowking and there's the tiny street :)

  8. Oh yeah, Coop! I miss that... There used to be a small anime store there, but being an art student, I couldn't afford to buy any of the stuff I wanted. :(

    And thanks for the street name! I'll add that up~ :3