Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Twas a Strange Christmas...

Thanks to the Christmas Holidays, I haven't had time to update my blog, so you're getting two doujin pages instead of one. I can't think of a proper blurb at the moment, argh..! Even Mote-Mote's update was delayed for a day since the scheduled post was on the 25th! >.<;;;

It was a strange Christmas for me... My brother left on the 24th for Canada, and the entire family was pretty stressed because we couldn't find the package my uncle asked him to deliver to my aunt in Vancouver. The package was about P7000 (US$150) worth of music materials (CDs, books, music sheets, etc.) from Japan bought by my cousin, so you can imagine why we were so keen in finding it! My uncle was pretty mad that we lost it, and my mom was so upset that noche buena was canceled that evening. I spent the evening alone in my room, working on some art.

But you know what? Despite the lack of sleep that evening, the package was found when my brother had arrived in Canada! You can imagine how happy mom was! This was our very own Christmas miracle!

On the 25th, we had dinner in David's Tea House in Trinoma. I never thought Chinese food could taste so good. *_* Maybe because the load was finally lifted and we were all happy?

I'll have to take pictures of all the gifts I received this year and post it on a later time, but for now?

Happy Holidays Everyone!
~I hope you Christmas was just as miraculous as mine~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Coffee Break; Posting from the Office

mote-mote page 4Dear goodness gracious I am so tired. @_@

You may have noticed that Mote-Mote’s page 4 was up during the night of the 15th instead of midnight. Ahaha! I’m so behind now. Page 5 is still on the inking stage, so I really need to pick up the pace!

I guess I can cram a little on Saturday. The next page has a lot of background detail into it, so it’s taking a lot more time.

These are the moments when I wish I can just use photographs for backgrounds instead of having to draw them frame by frame. Ahaha~ Laziness is in my DNA. xD

On to some celebrity gossip, I’ve been catching up on Chico and Delamar’s Top 10 thanks to the podcasts posted by Blue Ritz. I’m so glad Chico and Delamar mentioned this site, because it really helps me concentrate at work… minus the occasional laughing-like-a-madwoman moments with which my boss and colleagues reach for the phone to call the Mental Institute. ._.;;; Heh.

And I wonder if Misha Collins is really in Vancouver, Canada? He recently tweeted a post office box address for people to send their ticket stubs from his New York screening. He’s also asking for applications for treasurer, which requires a lock of hair for species verification. What. In any case, I hope I can send him a letter to request for an autograph when I move to Canada.

Shush. I already know I’m a dork. I do not need to be reminded. xD

Finally, I must rant about this:

Oyasumi, Kaname-sama by ~kurohiko on deviantART

Stupid me flattened my layers for this illustration, ARGH!!! Now I can’t change the stuff I wanted to change..! *SOB*

I guess that’s what I get for coloring until 2 in the morning. T_T At least it turned out ok, and I’m honestly quite happy with it.

No one is allowed to wake Kaname-sama up. Is that clear? >/

EDIT: Oh right, Misha, you really did give the wrong address. How in the world could we have missed that? Hee~! You’re so adorable. x3

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Devil’s Trill Sonata

The Devil's Trill by ~kurohiko on deviantART

"…so inferior to what I had heard, that if I could have subsisted on other means, I would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever." - Giuseppe Tartini

I think it would be interesting to hear Sebastian play the Devil’s Trill Sonata, don’t you agree?

Please, Sebastian, don’t eat me. ;x;

After watching the final episode for season 1 of Kuroshitsuji, it made me have nightmares about Sebastian deciding to eat me. Dx Ciel wasn’t exactly helping much either since he told Sebastian to make his final moments as painful as possible. Meep… Proof of life? >.<;;;

This is a simple illustration that I did for about 4 hours last night. My nephew was drawing chibis on his Shakey’s placemat during dinner and it kinda inspired me to do something simple and elegant. I’m not really sure why I decided to draw Sebastian Michaelis since we were drawing chibi Bleach together, but I’m not really complaining.

It has everything I love in it… Glasses, a violin, and a window. So truthfully, this is just eye candy for myself. >.<;;;

Hope you guys like it! x3

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shift to Hyper-Focus Mode

mote-mote page 3 by columbia khoAhaha, I forgot to post an update. xD

You may have noticed that I’ve got a new page up at 黑火子 ~Kurohiko, which is pacing a lot faster than A.illusions ever did. That’s kind of good and also kind of bad because it means I’m enjoying drawing Mote-Mote more than A.illusions.

I guess copying characters and backgrounds are a lot easier than starting from scratch.

It does make me want to go back updating A.illusions again though. Or something original. I’ve always wanted to continue Karma, but I’ve never had the time or inspiration for it. Of course, there’s also Vanguards of Heaven (Guardians of Celestia) which was my college thesis gone strangely wrong and off track, but I’m thinking I should finish what I started first before creating something entirely new again.

Anyway, I almost didn’t make the deadline for this because I had been ill for something close to a week. I wasn’t sure if I could post this or not, but my officemate decided to help me out and gave me an article about hyper-focus mode. I have to admit, it really works, and you should really give it a read.

Here are the keypoints of the article:

How to Stay Creative When Facing Deadlines: “The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.”

  1. Recognize early on that you are getting stressed and handle it before it gets out of control.
  2. Communicate with a friend that is also trying to be creative under pressure.
  3. Stay in an inspired state of mind.
  4. Shift into hyper-focus mode.

For this weekend? I’ll try to shift to hyper-focus mode again to finish penciling all the pages of Mote-Mote. Afterwards, I can ink them and tone them as the days come forth.

Wish me luck guys~ ♥

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Mouse has NO IDEA!

Last week, a friend of mine named Varali decided to share this with me:

leopard sheena and a little mouse

That’s a 12-year-old leopard named Sheena who suddenly had a visitor during her feeding time. Seriously, the little mouse just went over to her piece of raw meat and nibbled away, not really minding the huge cat towering over him/her.

You can read the entire story from Mail Online and see two more pictures of Sheena and the mouse there. I’m just surprised the kitty didn’t eat the mouse. o_o;;; Haha…

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My First Doujin is Now Online!

mote-mote - onegai my melody doujin by columbia khoAfter several weeks of procrastination, I’m finally able to post Mote-Mote for the world to see!

Well, ok, I posted page 1, working on the next page… but haha, after 6 months? I dare say it’s quite an achievement! And you know, it’s pretty therapeutic to draw characters that already exist in an anime… designing structures is not as difficult as starting from scratch.

Admittedly though? I’m already thinking about drawing originals again. I can’t decide whether I should continue A.illusions after Mote-Mote, or draw the 2nd Chapter of Karma. Either way though, I’m really psyched up!

Now if only I was so sick for the past week that I had to stay in bed most of the time, I wouldn’t be panicking about not making my next deadline, which is on December 10, 2009..! Yikes… x.x;;;

I’m pretty ok now, almost fully recovered from fever, though I still feel like my brain is running only on minimum requirement. 4 days of high fever can do that to people I guess, haha! I had to miss 4 days of work and did my best to recover in two more days, and still I feel light-headed. The doctor knew I didn’t want to have my blood taken, so he gave me a powerful antibiotic instead.

My antibiotics, Floxa or Ofloxacin, look like blood tablets from Vampire Knight, I kid you not. x.x;;;

There’s a lot of pending work here in the office though, and we have visitors, so I can’t really slack off at all! Wish my brain would switch back into high gear, but I only have 2 tablets of Floxa left, so I’m hoping as soon as I finish those, everything will be back to normal again. Because I really need to let my mom stop worrying about me… it’s not good for her to worry so much. :x

Thank God the fever’s finally broken, and hopefully, I will never get that sick ever again! Too much pain not to be able to sleep when your body so tired. x.x;;;