Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pangya Journey 2013.07.23

pangya spika entrance to game

It’s kinda nice to get back to playing Pangya again. Spika’s adorable, but I wish she had other costumes I could buy for her. I don’t like revealing outfits like this… Although I could only imagine how I could look like that when I’m working out!

pangya spika with roi give up crying

I do think Roi’s adorable though. Even if I get boogies on purpose just to maximize my pang farming, I also do my best to get a +5 or “Give Up” to get the animation above. Hee-hee~

pangya max getting a birdie

And since I have two rare items for him, guess who just joined my Pangya family?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pangya’s New Character: Spika!

pangya's spika on wiz city

I took a little break from all the manga work I’ve been getting lately (which I’ve very grateful for by the way) and decided to reinstall Pangya to see what’s been going on.

pangya's spika double power shot with papel on silvia cannon

Surprisingly, they have a new character, whom I’d first though was Kooh in a new hairstyle! Her name is Spika, and she’s a spunky, tsundere type of character whom I find to be absolutely irresistible!

pangya's spika with roi getting a birdie on pink wind

Her little robot friend, Roi, reminded Chippy of Haro from Gundam. To be honest, Spika reminded me of Asuka from Evangelion and I’m thinking about changing her hair color to orange… But then, if I later decide I want to change it back to blonde, I’ll need to use real money for that hair dye! So I guess I’ll leave her as Misa-Misa from Death Note for now.

pangya's spika getting a hole in one in pink wind

Oh, and since I haven’t been playing for a long time, all of my records have been wiped clean! Which means no more course records either! Now I can break records one score at a time again to pang farm! And I’ll be needing a lot of pang for all the upgrades I want to do! As well as buying new characters and clothes!

Ah… if only I could just play and play and not work anymore.