Friday, December 5, 2008

No White Christmas Here...

Philippine weather has officially gone whack. It's nice and cool and rainy for one minute and hot and sunny the next minute. That is what headaches are made of! =.=;;;

Dihya and I have been going to the mall for the past 2 days since his girlfriend is caught up with work or something. I like going out, but it's making my sleeping schedule fall way off schedule. ;.; I need more coffee just to wake up and get myself to the office. *sniffle*

The good thing about it is, I only have 4 stickers left to complete my Starbucks Planner. ;3 So I'll probably be getting that next week. I want the red or the black one since I think the blue one is a little bland. I just can't decide which to get between the 2 colors. ;.;

Should I go for red or black?

There's that other option of getting a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf notebook/journal too. But that's another 12 cups of coffee, so I'll have to think about it. The notebooks are not really my type anyhow, but we'll see.


gundam 00 pvc soma peries / mary and lockon stratos

Mary!!! Please ignore that my camera phone can not capture the details of this awesome PVC. ;.; I'm contemplating whether or not I should get Wang Liu Mei, but I like her better with pigtails. The PVC available has her with Chun-Li's hair style. And besides, I have no idea what she's up to. Wang Liu Mei has been a mystery since the first season of Gundam 00, making me think she might be the true heir of Aeolia Scehnberg.

Speaking of conspiracies, is it me or is Soma Peries changing to Mary seem... too easy? I have a feeling that Soma is allowing Mary to control the body they share so that she can get a better idea of what the Gundam Meisters are up to... even to the point of analyzing the Trans-Am system since she's already there.

Remember, what Mary sees, Soma Peries also sees, and vice versa.

So the plot thickens... *nods nods*

This picture gives me more reason to buy a new Cam-Phone. I'm thinking of getting the SE G900 when the prices go down after Christmas... I hope there's a Christmas bonus waiting for us this year. ;.;

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