Friday, January 31, 2014

恭喜發財! Happy Lunar New Year!

fireworks 2014

I had forgotten about these firework photos that I took last January 1. I guess now would be the perfect time to show them in time with Lunar New Year, right?

fireworks 2014

fireworks 2014

These were taken in different locations with my camera phone. My brother needed to run a few errands so late at night, and we got to see several fireworks going off every few minutes. The sky was filled with so many colorful lights that evening!

fireworks 2014 fireworks 2014

The shot on the left was an “accidental” blur shot, but it turned out prety good, don’t you think?

fireworks 2014

fireworks 2014 fireworks 2014

fountain 2014 flying lantern 2014

The last two shots were the only ones that we actually did ourselves. The one on the left is a fountain, and the one on the right is a flying lantern my nephew bought. Flying lanterns are amazing, but I’m afraid of them because I keep thinking someone’s house might burn down because of it. It flies pretty high though, so I doubt that that actually happened.

Happy New Year, guys! Here’s to more amazing years to come!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Best Year 2014?

ikki chibi gashapon toy from amnesia and coffee bean and tea leaf 2014 purple planner

Look at my pretty hauls for today!

I finally managed to snag a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Planner! And it’s purple!!! Wah~ So extremely lucky! I would have thought this color would be out of stock already! I had a not-so-nice experience in their Tomas Morato branch, but let’s not get into that. Good thing we went to Robinsons Galleria today!

And the little chibi was a lucky gashapon pick. His name is Ikki from the anime and otome game, “Amnesia”! There were only a few of them left in the gasha, but Toys ‘R’ Us was out of tokens, so I guess I’m pretty lucky to have gotten one!

Actually, it was probably my Dihya’s luck! He went out with us for the first time in a long while, and although I paid for my tokens, he got this for me! I’m unlucky with the gasha here in the Philippines, and it seems to still ring true since when I got his train gasha, I got the rear-end of the train instead of the front! So glad he didn’t kill me!

Oh! And you may have noticed I have a different banner now. That’s from the second season of Uta no prince-sama, “Maji Rabu 2000%”! The group has grown into seven boys, and I like how they all pointed upwards at the end of their song. Like their pose, I must remind myself to leave everything in God’s hands.

Here’s to hoping everyone will have their best year yet this 2014!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Doubutsu Uranai!

doubutsu uranai result - gold fawn

Get you own results here! X3

This is actually more accurate than I want to admit, especially the part about being too sensitive to rumors. I really should stop caring about what other people think and value my own opinions more than others since… well, if I won’t fight for my own beliefs, who will?

In other news, I’m already at one week without sodas/softdrinks! Yey! Not feeling any cravings or relapses yet, but I hope I can make it through the year (and maybe forever) without it~

Here’s to a healthier new year!