Wednesday, December 7, 2011

梁文音: 還是朋友

I’m currently in Hong Kong with my sister and brother-in-law, and I’m disappointed that there’s been a ton of changes with the selection of anime and manga here. Five-something years ago, I can buy anime figures everywhere. Now, Sino Center looks so bare, with only a handful of anime stores in the whole building!

Oh well, at least I’m getting to update my Chinese mp3 list. Here’s one from 梁文音, “Still Friends After Breaking Up”. It’s so cute and it gives you a light-hearted, happy feeling. She’s saying that maybe one day, the guy she broke up will remember that silly girl… Well, I’m not qualified to translate this, so I’ll ask my sister later. :D


  1. the guy she broke up will remember that silly girl… get wet in the rain and stand at the intersection waiting for him, but she already don't care about it, she decided to live for her own but they are still friend. can you please ask your sister was my translation right ? want to improve my chinese too. thanks

  2. Yep, that's right! Thank you for commenting that here. :D

  3. gee thanks too for confirming :-) ur site is too interesting i lyk it!

  4. Thank you kindly~ <3 I'll do my best to update here more often. :3

  5. That's a cute song! ^w^
    If I'm in a good mood, might try my hand in translating it just for fun. I used to do translations for my friends who listen to CPop but couldn't understand the lyrics. >__<

    Recommend more CPop songs! \(^o^)/

  6. It's super cute, and the video too! I want a doll house. >:

    I have a few more lined up. But just want to change layouts first. xD