Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Organizer for Another New Year

I finally finished my 16 cups of Starbucks today to get a red planner (thanks to the people on Plurk all voting for red instead of black) for the year 2009. This picture is one of my favorite illustrations found inside the planner.

inside illustration of my red starbucks planner / organizer 2009

Yeah, I gave in and got the red one instead of the black since it had that "unique" factor. I still think the planner for the year 2007 was the best so far, but I like the color pencil-like illustrations in this one.

I'm a little disappointed that this year's booklet for the stickers didn't have that extra flap to add your name to the list of donors to the Spark of Hope charity. I wonder if the organizer was just a marketing strategy this year? Hm...

I wonder if I'm actually gonna use this? Haha... This year was the first time I had used an organizer (which is a bit empty in some months), so whether or not this will be filled with notes and/or illustrations is a bit of a mystery to me.


  1. Aw I still need 6 cups to get the planner. Sigh...

  2. Hurray for planners! I can't wait to use mine. That's a cute GIF btw. :]

  3. Mega Dranix: Slowly but surely. I only got to finish mine so quickly since Boss was bugging me to buy coffee everyday. :D

    Jaz: D: No. :3

    Abby: Lol, me too~ I just hope I actually use it. xD And the GIF is something I found thanks to Jaz. x3

  4. oh wow, the artwork's exquisite. eight more cups to go!

    less paper, more trees. and what you have in your hands is? hahahaha.

  5. You know what? I never thought of that. xD