Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nutritional Diary 2012.06.21

bleach icon - kuchiki rukiaMy poor, un-updated blog… I’m so sorry I’ve been ignoring you, but most of my updates had a lot to do with my artworks, so I’ve been busy in lately.

Not only is Mist starting again, but I’m planning a lot of independent comics for the upcoming Winter Komikon as well. It will be a miracle if I could finish just one book actually. Plus, my publications with Oh No! Manga have been cooking up something very interesting for July’s Event. I’m not completely sure with the details yet, but feel free to check out my site or Facebook Page for updates.

Now with all that going on, you’d think I’ll be too busy working to keep up with my exercise and diet. Well, you’re right. I have not been walking as many times as I’d like, since I’m now down to once a week instead of my usual 2-3. I’m also staying up late because I need to get these pages done, so that means coffee and a lot of junk food. In other words, someone’s been a very bad girl.

It was depressing to think about, so I didn’t really go near the scale for quite some time. But I had to get myself motivated again so I weighed myself a few minutes ago…

I couldn’t believe it.

Although I let myself do whatever I wanted for the past month, I still maintained a 5 pound weight-loss compared to the beginning of the year. That’s 3 pounds less than my last update.

I couldn’t believe it!!!

Ah, that motivates me so much now! And I weighed myself at night, instead of the usual morning (because you weigh less the minute you wake up).

But I wonder, is this because I’ve been stressing out so much lately? I know stress is supposed to make you lose weight, but it was always the exact opposite for me before. Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating a lot less junk food and replacing them with fruit.

I need to stop putting my pants in the dryer though… they shrink every time, and it makes me feel like I’m not losing anything at all!

Oh well, back to working… or maybe it’s time for some sleep now. They’re saying there’s another typhoon coming up, but now that my UPS is fixed, I’m not too worried about the PC dying on me while I work~