Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Lady and Her Butler

kuroshitsuji / black butler - sebastian michaelis iconI've had some creepy dreams about Kuroshitsuji after the first season of the anime ended… In fact, Sebastian generally creeps me out, even though I find this character to be quite “handsome”. I mean, who would want to have their souls eaten, right?

Well, the other night… rather, Sunday afternoon, I took a nap because I barely slept the night before, trying to fix my printer. I wanted to print some test panels for my independent comics for Komikon, but one of the gears cracked and I had to have it fixed the next morning (my only chance of getting out of the house, if you know what I mean).

Afternoon naps generally give me vivid dreams, but this one is still stuck on my mind.

In the dream, Sebastian was my butler. I wasn’t Ciel, because he called me “my lady” and I’m pretty sure… Ciel wasn’t there at all. It started out… familiar, because I told him I was tired- because of the same reasons that I was tired in the real world. He basically let me sleep and carried me to my room.

But in the next instance, I was going to meet my father for dinner. Now, I generally do this in the real world too, every Sunday, but it’s usually with the entire family. In the dream, Dad looked much older than his real self, and mom wasn’t with him. But it didn’t feel as unnatural as it should have been. I had the distinct feeling about a divorce of some sort, but I didn’t talk about it and neither did he.

I sat down, but refused to eat and let him finish whatever it was that was on his plate, when we overheard the people from the table beside us talking about some wealthy bachelor from a prestigious family marrying someone. My Dad, as usual, wanted to hear the details even though he couldn’t hear well anymore, so Sebastian whispered to me what it was about. It turned out that the bachelor wouldn’t refuse the arranged marriage because the girl was quite beautiful.

Dinner ended, and I left. I didn’t leave with my Dad, and went home to my own manor. I went to the garden that evening and felt like dancing in the moonlight. And who else would be my dancing partner but Sebastian himself. Smiling, like he does in that icon.

All of these details in a matter of a little less than 2 hours of sleep. It was rather intriguing. Nothing felt unnatural, even my being very emotionless. Hm…

Now I think I’ll make it a habit to write up about these. :3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grandfather is Watching…

juvenile orion icon - tsukasa amouI-if this isn't a scary encounter, I don't know what is.

It’s common knowledge to my family that the warehouse in our complex is “haunted”. My mother claims it’s the spirit of her late father, because he died before everything could be settled properly.

I’ve never seen this “ghost” so I never believed these stories. My dad always asks me to accompany him when he needs to check something in the warehouse at night. And he always, always tells me not to wander too far away from him.

Well, because I need to take care of my parents in the morning until evening, I only have time for myself after dinner. Usually, from 8 pm – 1 am, I would either be working on Mist, updating Cosplay Holic, or just recently, walking and/or jogging inside the warehouse. It’s the largest open space I have for my bi-weekly exercise, so at 8:30 pm last Friday, I went for a walk.

Some time around 9:00 pm, I heard footsteps. His pace was much slower than mine, in a sort of hushed steps. I was confused because I had my mp3 on, so how could I be hearing a second pair of footsteps behind me?

I decided to stop walking… I could still hear the steps.
Then I took off my headset… the footsteps were a little louder.
The footsteps stopped. I turned around-

No one was there.

Then I told myself: “C-chill, Rei! It’s probably someone… maybe dad or your nephew’s playing a trick on you! Yes, that’s it! J-just have a look around… you’ll find someone hiding… somewhere!”

But I checked everywhere, including the locks on all the doors.
No one was there, and everything was locked up tight.

Needless to say, I finished the last 1000 steps faster than usual and went home. This is the first time I “heard” something without seeing it. It’s usually the other way around! You could say I’m kind of glad I sprained my ankle yesterday (another story for another time), but I really would like to get to the bottom of this… encounter.

…huh. I guess I’ll be taking that walk tomorrow evening after all.