Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mega Man Online Trailer

This... this trailer is so epic that I can't even- I am so playing this when it’s released! And I shall just… watch and re-watch this trailer until then.

It looks like the entire Mega Man universe carefully sewn together. I see Bass, Proto Man, Roll, Doctor Light, Doctor Wily and the villains from the Mega Man series, then there’s Alia, Iris, and Colonel from Mega Man X. But where, oh where, is my Zero?!

It does beg the question: how are they going to make an MMO out of this classic? Beggars can’t be choosers, but still… I can’t wait for this to be released! And let it be free-to-play, please, please, please. ;_;

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A hostage situation that started peacefully ended in a blood bath, killing 8 Hong Kong tourists.

Hong Kong Interpol will be making their own investigations on what went wrong.

Two nations who both wish to seek the truth silently can not cooperate with one another.

And I can’t help but watch from the sidelines, thinking the situation could have been handled better, but could not do anything except to helplessly watch as the events unfolded.

I love Hong Kong. I love it so much that when I had the opportunity to work there, I enjoyed every single minute. The food, the freedom, the people… even those who looked down upon me changed their minds when they realized I was Chinese.

I don’t know the people who were taken hostage… neither do I know the ones who were killed. But watching the entire thing unfold left a pain in my hear that refuses to heal.

I can easily point fingers as to who did what wrong. In fact, I have been doing so in my twitter and plurk accounts. But then I realized, my bitterness cannot help those who are really suffering: the families left behind by the departed.

And so I will light incenses and keep them in my prayers.

May God bless the departed souls and the families who were left behind.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Influence Map

onegai my melody - hiiragi keiichiI suppose it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’ve jumped on the meme bandwagon, even on deviant art.

When I think about the people who have inspired and influenced me, I could probably list about a hundred names, more or less. They’re not all visual artists; some are musicians, teachers, family, and just people who were there to encourage me in times of self-doubt. The one that particularly stands out, is my teacher and uncle, who is always so relaxed when it comes to drawing and teaching. He made it seem as if drawing was not hard at all.

I could go on and on, but that’s enough rambling… on to the meme!

Kurohiko's Influence Map by ~kurohiko on deviantART

It makes me wonder, looking at this, do any of the artists featured on the meme have obvious influence on my work? Will I ever become par, or even surpass their expertise?

Maybe one day, I can meet them all personally… Just so that I can say “thank you”.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Very First Commission

juvenile orion - amou tsukasaEven though I’ve worked for Mango Jam as Twilight Calling’s continuing artist, I never really felt my artwork was something worth paying for. Maybe it’s because they hired me as a continuing artist and not as the original artist, but that’s beside the point…

I’ve opened commissions some time ago, and didn’t really think anyone was going to commission me… until recently.

Commission: A Reunion by ~kurohiko on deviantART

Adiv and Altair (Alaistair) are characters created by ~Stine22 aka =Kilo112205. I have to say, I never thought working on commissions would be so enjoyable. I’m a little worried that this may not be what she had in mind, but I did my best! And I sent a thumbnail sketch before I started working on the actual artwork.

I think I like the blood stained moon on this piece the most. The wings were painful to detail, and drawing embers is pretty much a first for me.

My sister mentioned that “one is crying, and the other is salivating” in her usual innocent way. >.>;;; She also kept pestering me why the wings are brown when angels have white wings. THIS WORRIES ME EVEN MORE! *headslap*

I just hope my client doesn’t see this piece the same way she does. ;x; I might… cry in the corner or hide under a rock… forever.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cinnamoroll’s Instant Curry

I love curry. I don’t know what spices make up the sauce, but I love it nonetheless. May it be Japanese, Indian, Classic curry, it’s probably one dish that can’t go wrong in my menu.

But add a cute character into the packaging of instant curry?

You can be sure I’ll buy at least one.

sanrio cinnamoroll instant curry

My family went to Cartimar the other day because brother needed to buy supplies for his Japanese restaurant. In a little shop called “Asuka”, I found this Cinnamoroll edition of instant curry, begging to be bought. It only cost P72 for one box, which is good for one meal. There’s also 1 of 20 illustrations of Cinnamoroll and/or his friends along with a sticker set~

Cuteness aside, it’s unfortunately not the best of instant curries out there. There wasn’t a lot of potatoes and carrots in the pack, and the sauce was a little sweet to taste… probably because this is aimed for kids. I like my curry a little bit spicier, but Japanese kids sure are lucky to have all these cute things.

…oh, and this doesn’t mean I’m not buying any more of these. The stickers were just too cute, so sue me. ;_; I don’t mind cooking extra meat and potatoes. And besides, there’s always the ever faithful stove to adjust the spiciness of the sauce!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thou Shalt Honor Fella

I can’t believe Deviant Art has been around for 10 years… and that I’ve been a member for more than 4 years already.

The good (and shameful) thing about Deviant Art is that you can go back too far… Stuff that I used to consider to be my best work prove to be a stepping stone to what I wish to become. I’ve learned a lot from experience, and from the members of this community, and I’m thankful for that.

Putting that aside, Deviant Art came up with its 10 Commandments in order to celebrate its anniversary. They’ve put up a lot of contests this August, and I was able to join one contest… twice.

On the 7th Commandment, it is written: Thou Shalt Honor Fella. As such, you shall depict your ideal Fella.

At first, I only wanted to give Fella a make-over. I mean, we have fancy llamas for goodness sake, why don’t we have a Fancy Fella?

Then it dawned on me… Deviant Art is 10-years-old. That makes for a devious shota Fella, doesn’t it?

…so my ideal Fella comes in two forms. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this one.

I really love how they turned out, but I’m wondering if my ideas are brilliant enough to win the contest. They seem… very typical and simple ideas to me, but then again, looking at the entries, no one really came up with the same ideas as anyone else. I think that goes to show that what we deem as simple may turn out to be very complicated for others.

In other Deviant Art news, I won second place in =Kilo112205’s "contest"! I’m very excited to see her character, Alaistair, with Rei Kuassary as her father figure~! Rei needs a father figure, obviously, and my character in another artist’s rendition is always so exciting and awesome~

It does make me wonder though… I’ve always seem to come up just a little short when it comes to these contests. I’m not complaining, of course, in fact, I’m very grateful! But I always tend to think “maybe if I tried just a little harder…”

Self-doubt be gone. =_=;;; I need to finish my first batch of commissions and collect more money soon… Being a free-lancer is hard work!