Friday, August 14, 2009

Special Delivery!

The following occurred between 8pm to 9pm.

Mom: Oh, hey, I almost forgot… you got a package from the post today.

Me: Package? From whom?

Mom: Christy… something. I put it on your bed. You can open it later after dinner.

Me: …I don’t know a Chris-

Me: …

Me: *scampers up her room*

Mom: H-hey! Get back here this instant, young lady!

special delivery from christy lijewski

Me: …it can’t be.

Me: *diligently and nervously opens the envelop*

re: play goodies

Me: OMG! It is!!! Wai~! A-and s-so, this would m-mean that…

Me: *peeks inside book*

re: play special character tag

Me: ♥♥♥TAG~!♥♥♥

Me: *melts in a puddle of fangirl goo~*

Thank you so much for this, Christy! And Tag looks oh so pretty. *o*

And for people who have no idea what I’m talking about, do you recall this post I made a few months back? No? Shame on you. >[


  1. =o ooh nice! now be the most wonderfulest of friends and send that to me :D awesomest and bestest of friends :3

    also I never read that post a couple months ago and I'm currently full of shame >:

    also don't forget to send a thank you note :p

  2. Yarrow: I'm thinking if I should send her a care package too. xD But... I dunno... I is shy. >/////<;;;

    And no, you are not getting them. :c Huhuhu~

    Biscuit: *eats the biscuit* :E

  3. ooh send a care package :D that would be awesome~ gogogo~
    I'm sure she'd love it :3

  4. But what to give, what to give... *thinks upon*

  5. a drawing/print? a 'gurumi? an awesomest pink felt cake? :D

  6. ...I might do a 'gurumi. :D Because... I wanna practice my 'gurumi skillz. ♥

    ...if I have any. D:

    And no, lol, I can not make awesome pink felt cakes to safe my life. xD