Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blood of My Blood

She looked outside the window to keep her mind occupied. She didn't want to be treated as a child anymore so she had to control her hunger... and yet, the mere fact that she was in the same room with her made her want to pierce his pale skin and drink his blood.

He noticed her hesitance and sighed. It was natural to be lusting for blood... after all, she hasn't fed in days, and she was newly turned. She had only ever had his blood to drink, and he preferred to keep it that way.

"If you're thirsty," Hiiragi said as he laid back on the couch, "then drink, I'm not stopping you."

Her eyes were dark with desire as she heard him say the words. The sound of his voice coaxed her into her vampire self, breathing heavily as she began showing her fangs.

But still she fought against it. "Hiiragi... sama... has not been feeding as of late. I can not take advantage of-"

She could not finish her sentence as the scent of blood overwhelmed her. It was his blood, she knew it. She knew that scent so well... but why would there be when she hasn't touched him? She glanced up and was horrified to see that he had pierced himself. His slender finger had sliced his skin open near the pulse on his neck. Her heightened senses listened to his heart beat, entrancing her into a myriad of lust and desire.

She panted heavily as she fought her urges, clutching her own neck. She felt tortured... "Hiiragi... sama..."

He merely smirked at her and motioned for her to come to his side. He carefully began to untie the ribbon around his collar. Kuromi towered over him, staring blankly as if she was being controlled by him. Yet how could that be when she was a vampire too? Even if he was her master, there was no way he could manipulate her so easily.

"Why..." she whispered, slightly out of breath, "are you... so cruel... to me..."

She opened her mouth, breathing heavily against him, hesitating... and bit down.

Onegai My Vampire Melody by ~kurohiko on deviantART

He didn't say a word as she fed on him. Her blood lust made her bite more aggressive than usual, and even though he did everything he could to control himself, a small moan still managed to escape his lips, parting slightly, baring his own fangs.

"Take only what is needed..." he cautioned, even though he wouldn't mind spoiling her. It was difficult not to... And the taste of his blood made her want him more and more.

Perhaps it was cannibalism to allow her to feed on him, but they were beasts now... no longer mortal.

Ok, so I fail in writing a proper fanfic to go with the painting I did, but hopefully it was good to read anyway.

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