Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unleashed (Danny the Dog)

unleashed (danny the dog)Danny, a young man trained to be a human "attack dog", is a skilled fighter who has the emotional capacity of a young child. When his owner, "Uncle" Bart unchains his collar, he becomes unstoppable; giving Bart the upper hand when it comes to collecting loans.

In a strange twist of fate, Danny meets a blind piano tuner, Sam. It was the first time anyone treated him like a human being, not to mention Danny was completely fascinated by pianos to begin with.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, an accident occurred, leading Danny to think that his uncle is dead. With no one left to turn to, he returns to Sam. Will Sam be able to give Danny a normal life, or will Danny's past catch up to him and endanger Sam and his step-daughter Victoria?

I got to catch this on Studio 23 tonight... I remember my brother-in-law asking me about this film and told him I couldn't recall this film, even though we had seen it together before. Now that I was able to jog my memory a bit, it's pretty good, and Jet Li and Morgan Freeman did an awesome job. The story's a little on the straight forward side, but the action scenes are cool... so it's not a bad film to see when you're bored.

...just not the kind of film to watch when you're trying to draw Shoujo Manga. I completely failed at drawing 2 more pages because of this movie, heh. Ah well...


  1. You and my sister share the same tastes. I don't really like him very much, even though my sister's crazy about him.

    She met him in Taiwan too. :D At a noodle shop I think.