Monday, August 31, 2009

Onegai My Melody: Episode 03

This is quite an interesting episode. Not only does Yamamoto-kun reminded of my brother-in-law, but we also get to see what looks to be like Kurumi (Kuromi's human version) in one of Yamamoto's stock photos with her back turned.

Coincidence? Or did the artists made an honest "mistake"?

Episode 03: I Wish I Could Make Lots of Friends!

The episode begins with Kogure and Uta fighting over their class project. The task of their group is to create a homepage of the topic of their choice. Naturally, Uta wants to make a website about Hiiragi, while Kogure thinks it's stupid and suggest video games instead.

One of their group mates, Yamamoto-kun, is the class photographer. He's completely quiet while his classmates were arguing, but then decides to take photos of them arguing... which resulted in them getting irritated at him.

Uta comes up with a plan to secretly ask Yamamoto to help her and Miki get their class project going (and to find out more about Hiiragi without looking like a stalker). She, Miki, and Yamamoto went over to Hiiragi's usual spot during break and waits for a chance to interview him. Uta tries her best to get over her shyness and manages to get Hiiragi to agree for an interview with Miki's help as well as allow Yamamoto to take pictures of him.

Hiirgi notices that Yamamoto might potentially have a dream that Kuromi could take and points him out to her. Sure enough, Yamamoto wanted to be friends with everyone, but had an inferiority complex than hinders him from socializing. When another group asks for Yamamoto's help with their project, he has trouble with saying what he wants clearly, making Kogure do all the talking for him.

Kuromi uses her magic to change his camera into a turtle (since apparently "kame da" which means "it's a turtle" sounds like "camera") that not only captures the images of his subjects but absorbs them into his stomach as living, miniature people. This allowed Yamamoto to achieve his dream of being together with everyone.

When Yamamoto captures all the students in their class, Uta was able to confront him, convincing him that there were a lot of people in their class who wanted to get to know him better. This cause him to doubt his own beliefs that he couldn't be friends with anyone, allowing My Melo to place her Melody Mark on the turtle-camera.

This gave the students a chance to escape... only to realize they were still trapped in photographs. Shiroyama decides to take the initiative and becomes My Melo's target to amplify her magic on him. Shiroyama's photo grew into a large block, flattening Kuromi and Baku and hereby destroying Kuromi's spell.

When everything returns back to normal, My Melo asks the turtle to earase everyone's memories, aside from Uta, Mana, and Miki. Interestingly enough, Shiroyama felt that it wasn't the first time he met My Melo and becomes completely obsessed with her.

Yamamoto helped Shiroyama's group with the photos they were asking for earlier on and made a homepage about My Melody. This made Yamamoto quite famous for being such a great photographer. Uta's words rang true as Kogure excitedly took up on his offer to teach him how to use his camera... and the entire class wanted to be in the picture with him.

Everything ended well, aside from poor Uta who lost all the data that contained Hiiragi's photos thanks to the memory wipe. She had no intentions of asking Hiiragi for a second photoshot as she's afraid that, as Miki pointed out, he would get mad at her for losing the data. How ironic that Kogure won the debate and had a homepage on video games for their group project, yes?

The episode showed a lot of first... the first time Shiroyama fell head-over-heels for My Melo, and the first time Kogure risked himself to save Uta. I guess he really did have deep feelings for her for a long time now... if only he could get over all that teasing and arguing and just say what he really wants to say. ♥

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