Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Proposal

the proposal - here comes the bribeWhat do you do if your boss, whom you absolutely loathe, suddenly tells you that the two of you are getting married?

That is the unfortunate(?) situation Andrew Paton finds himself in as his boss, Margaret Tate, is in danger of getting herself deported back to Canada, losing her job and everything she's worked for to the employee she had just fired. Andrew plays along with her game in order to get promoted to editor, and get his manuscript published.

Who knew that the hard-working assitant was actually not all the editor-in-chief thought he was?

This was a very enjoyable film~! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds did a very good job in their own respective roles, and Betty White was simply adorable~! I won't spoil much about it, since really, it's better to just go see it than to read about it... So go watch it, please! :D

That aside, Leilei has jipped me into joining Twitter. Do follow me if it suits your tastes? :3 Though I wonder how long I'll last with this one, seeing I dropped plurk a long time ago.

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