Monday, August 10, 2009

Just One Kiss…

I finally got to finish this meme a few days ago. It was quite challenging for me since I’m not very good at drawing kisses… It makes me feel awkward when I try to draw them, probably because the idea of kissing is enough to make me do a double take?

Uta and Hiiragi's Kiss Meme by ~kurohiko on deviantART

Jun took over the task of kissing on the nose since neither Hiiragi nor Uta felt like doing it, haha. xD Sebastian will have a heck of a time cleaning up when the brothers stop fighting, I’m sure. The kiss on the lips really remind me of Honey and Clover… I blame Leilei for that, since she’s watching the J-drama and she gave me that idea. The ferris wheel looks a little weird… I think it could have been better, but eh…

And yeah, the kiss on the ear killed me. x/////x;;;

I don’t think I can draw the second part of this… the sexy version, omg. But I do want to try finishing the meme because I want to learn how to draw kisses properly.

I need a new series to get addicted to. I have way too many fanarts of Onegai My Melody… ;x;


  1. do the smexy version toos bwahahaha
    we will give you ideas *coughs*

  2. That's what I'm afraid of... -.-;;;