Monday, August 17, 2009

Bee Season

A seemingly simple family of a child with a special gift, Bee Season follows the story of Eliza Naumann, the youngest child and daughter of Saul and Miriam Naumann. What starts as a little girl's attempt to be closer to her father ends in a strained relationship amongst a once strong family bond. Saul's obsession with his daughter leaves his wife and son lonely, leading Miriam into a deeper into her obsessive-compulsive disorder and Aaron to question his religious views and convert into becoming a Hare Krishna.

The film shows each individual attempt to become closer to God, finding his/her own way to Him. All of which seem to be unsuccessful, aside from Eliza's. It was a strange movie, but I happen to like Richard Gere. And it's a reminder of how parents can become overly obsessed with their child's success, that nothing else seems to matter... including their own family. However, the effects were pretty good... It makes me wonder if Richard Gere could really play the violin. ♥

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