Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Public Enemies

public enemies movie posterThe life story of John Dillinger, one of USA's infamous criminals has found it's way to the silver screen.

"Public Enemies" stars Johnny Depp and Christian Bale as they portray the charismatic cat-and-mouse game between the thief, John Dillinger, and FBI Agent, Melvin Purvis as set in the late 1930's. It shows how Dillinger was able to escape from prison twice and his heists; robbing banks and even planning to rob a train.

I've seen the documentary about the life of John Dillinger. Sadly, the documentary was far more interesting than the movie. I suppose eating at Tony Roma's before watching this film made it even more difficult to stay awake, which I have to say, is still a very good place for honey-cured, baby back ribs and cookie skillets. I should write a proper review about that restaurant some time. But even with that aside, the movie didn't show much of John's charisma. To most viewers, it probably didn't make sense why people were cheering him on when he was caught in Tucson and extradited back to Indiana since we didn't see much of his charm towards his hostages.

Oh well, I suppose I should have said I prefered to watch "The Proposal", but brother-in-law seemed really keen in watching this movie. And honestly, I was expecting it to be much better than what I saw because of that documentary. I guess seeing Johnny Depp and Christian Bale makes up for the weird story line. :3

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