Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Onegai My Melody: Episode 02

I should hurry up with these reviews since Season 2 is already available for download, hahaha~ ♥ At the same time, I love re-watching this low budget anime... I really must be insane.

Episode 02: I Wish I Could Study!

Previously, we saw Kuromi setting her eyes out on Hiiragi. Little did either of them know, the Melody Bow has found its true master, and Hiiragi is more than happy to oblige. He agrees to the task of recharging the melody key in order to attain the song the world has never heard before.

My Melody explains how collecting all 100 black notes could mean the destruction of the entire world as they knew it. Playing the music the black notes create would kill every human dream, no matter how big or small they may be. Killing dreams would render all emotions meaningless, killing Mari Land as well.

The following day, Uta and her sisters run off to school without eating breakfast. This worried My Melody and that was when she decided she should cook for them. Aside from that, the house was a mess, so in exchange for letting her stay in the Yumeno household, she's decided to help around the house.

In school, Uta's classmate, Taniguchi dreams of being able to study better. His best score ever since elementary school was only 30, and that was when they were asked to write their name.

Naturally, Kuromi comes along and decides to give him a computer for a head. The only problem was, he constantly needed new data to keep himself from activating his screen saver, or going into sleep mode. His need for new data became insatiable as he began attacking his entire class with translations, equations, and other things he could think of.

It was a good thing My Melody was passing by the school to check up on Uta. She manages to get a mouse mascot to stop Taniguchi from destroying everything in class.

Nevertheless, Kuromi's magic allowed Taniguchi to realize studying is something he should work hard on himself. Even if it was easier to study having a computer for a head, he preferred to be the way he was, earning My Melody another pink note.

It's interesting how the mouse was able to finish his task without having My Melody say "onegai" (which she does in all other episodes). But the real question is, why would Hiiragi agree to destroying the world? He happily does the task of recharging the Melody Key for Kuromi to do her magic. Perhaps there is something much deeper to this than the episode reveals?

...of course, I know the answer to that question, but I'm not saying anything. :3

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