Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Best Kind

RE: play - The Best Kind by ~kurohiko on deviantART

..I like participating in contests. :3

The competitiveness is always a rush! And the sense of hoping to be one of the winners boggles the mind. I have to beat the crap out of the deadliest of deadlines just to make sure my entry is valid.

I don't know why I'm always submitting my entries on the last few minutes. It was the same with the contest Xenopyro held last year.

And I just realized now that both contests ended on March 31, HAHA! *gets shot*

I like this nifty looking embed code from Deviant Art. I think I'll be using a lot of these in my blog now. ^^

Wish me luck! And good luck to all who joined~! *hearts*