Sunday, July 25, 2010

Completed Viki Quest

granado espada character: vikiAfter a few weeks since restarting this quest, I finally got my own Viki!

…his character card anyway. I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be deleting Panfilo and Emilia to give room for this cutie. He and Lorch were recruited into the Kuassary Family a few days ago, and now I keep checking the Market Manager to see if anyone is selling a barrack slot or two.

There’s also the dilemma of naming him. As much as I like the name Viki, each of my family member starts with the letter “R”.

Of course, there’s always the option of using the deleted character’s name. Rei used to be a female musketeer, until I recruited Grace Bernelli and changed Rei into Catherine the Summoner. Regan was the same; once a male scout, now Panfilo… maybe soon to be Viki?

In any case, faction members Assbutts and Theraphossa, helped me out a lot during this quest, because the farming of rare items was absolutely tiring. My thanks goes to them! Although it would appear they have left SEES… ;A; I hope this is just a system glitch because I miss them! And Deputy Faction Leader Elleszar too!

Important things to remember if and when you want Viki:

  1. This quest can only begin on Wednesday in the SEA Server. This gave me headache, and when I made the mistake to talk to Ulrik on Tuesday, I couldn’t start the quest on Wednesday. ;_; I had to wait another week before I could try to get it right!
  2. Save 300 pieces of Cabosse. This drop becomes very hard to get when you’re a high level player farming in Tetra Hill. Unless you can stand mobs from Largo Celeste and Rio Albi!
  3. Save all strange items in Dr. Torsche’s Mansion. You will need 20 pieces of strange cogwheel, spring, hinge, tube, and clock equipment. They are not cheap in Market Manager, but they are dropped often in the Forgotten Territory of Dr. Torsche’s Mansion.

Other than that, it’s fairly easy to finish at level 80. Viki is both a scout and a summoner, much better than Emilia despite healing less than her.

Viki’s summons include the following:

granado espada - theraphossa and kuassary - gracielo, idge imbrulia, viki, female scout (renae), male wizard (rue), and turrydog

Theraphossa’s Viki summoned Turrydog, which can be achieved at level 1 of the Amicus stance. The cost is only 50 SP.

granado espada - theraphossa and kuassary - gracielo, idge imbrulia, viki, female scout (renae), male wizard (rue), and hill giant

The Hill Giant can be summoned at level 10, costing 300 SP and 1 Hill Giant Summon Stone. These stones drop a lot in El Tejado Verde.

granado espada - viki, dr. torche, ulrik, ararat, catherine the summoner (rei), female scout (renae), and female fighter (rukia)

The final summon is Ararat who can be summoned at level 20, costing 600 SP and 20 Otite Chips. Theraphossa didn’t have Ararat yet, so the screenshot is from the quest. :3

Enjoy recruiting, guys~ Good Luck!


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