Thursday, July 29, 2010

Secretly in Love

All that drama in Ustiur Base Camp made me want to make my own drama…

granado espada - male wizard and female fighter - rue and rukia kuassary

The secret meeting of the two lovers… maybe? Not that it’s a secret or anything, since Rue and Rukia are pretty much together… despite Rukia being a lot stronger than him. She has to protect him most of the time, but I digress…

I was able to rescue Romina’s scout in the Skull Dungeon without much of a hitch. Mainly because my Muerte Balada has an additional 90% attack rate for the undead. Unfortunately, Rukia’s stance is already at its max, so I will need another weapon so that she can raise her other stances.

I’m not sure why Grandice disapproves of investigating the Dungeon and wants to leave it to the Vespanola Army, but she and Romina are no longer in good terms. It’s fine for me, either way, because I finally have my Rescue Knight card. And Romina gave me the key to that Skull Dungeon.

I’ll have to take a look after I get some sleep.

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