Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Tyrannosaurus in Ustiur, Zona Dos

I’ve decided to leave Rio Albi to train in Ustiur Base Camp. I wanted a bit more challenge that higher level mobs bring so that my main family would level up faster.

I did not expect Grandice to send me on a mission to kill this thing:

granado espada - tyrannosaurus

That is the Level 92 Tyrannosaurus Boss accompanied by a few Velociraptors that are hidden behind all the battle shots. Thankfully, my level 88 crew prevailed after the second try. I had to use 2 of Renae’s (female scout) buffs to speed up my movement, HP regeneration, and SP regeneration. It’s a good thing the t-rex wasn’t looking with Rei (Catherine the Summoner) was summoning her doll army.

I can’t believe I was able to kill this thing at my current… Call it lucky or whatever, but I’m still in shock.

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