Monday, July 19, 2010

牛爸爸 (Niu Ba Ba): The Best Beef Noodles in Taipei

牛爸爸 niu ba ba calling cardYou should not leave Taipei without visiting this restaurant, or you will definitely regret it.

牛爸爸 (Niu Ba Ba) or Nyuu Papa as I call it, serves 16 different types of beef noodle bowls. That’s right, 16, and no two are alike… as I am told, because I was not able to test their most expensive bowls ranging from 3000-10000 TWD (roughly USD $90-300).

Those bowls serve one person only I’m afraid, and my Chinese is not good enough to know how they worded it on the menu.

The restaurant itself is not much to look at, but the place is clean and the people are very friendly. It’s run by a couple, who moved backed to Taiwan from Vancouver, Canada because they wanted their kids to grow up in a Chinese speaking community.

Why oh why did the couple have to leave Vancouver when I’m planning to move there? ;_;

Anyway, my sister, brother-in-law, and I did splurge a little and went for the 1000 TWD (USD $30) bowl:

牛爸爸 niu ba ba beef noodle bowl

Those would be my sister’s perfectly manicured nails and a look at their wedding rings only, as they don’t like to be photographed… Kinda sounds familiar.

Words fail me to describe how delicious this beef bowl was. Everything from the broth, to the noodles, to the various pieces of beef was just perfect. It even had beef tendon which I don’t normally eat, but couldn’t get enough of from this bowl! I think there was Wagyu Beef there too, because one particular piece melted like butter when I ate it. And no, that was not an exaggeration.

There was a news article that Jet Li visited this restaurant and ordered the 3000 TWD bowl. My sister was there to witness Jet Li eating at Niu Ba Ba, and she was able to talk to him. He politely declined when she asked if she could take photos with him though, but since she’s a huge Jet Li fan, Niu Ba Ba became an instant favorite of hers. She visits this restaurant every time she visits Taipei.

The address is on the calling card, which I would recommend you print in case you want to visit Niu Ba Ba, but here is their contact information if you’d like to save it somewhere:

牛爸爸牛肉麵 (Niu Ba Ba Niu Rou Mian) “Bovine Father Beef Noodle”
Chunghsiao East Road, Section 16, Alley 27, Lane 216
TEL :886-2-27783075 886-2-87715358

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