Monday, July 5, 2010

Prison de Joaquin’s Secrets Revealed

I was finally able to finish the quest I started before my hiatus from Granado Espada! Good job, team! High fives all around!

granado espada - kuassary family - renae, rei, and rukia - girl scout, catherine, and female fighter

I remember this Investigation of Prison de Joaquin starting when I spoke to Grace Bernelli. She asks for help in her investigation, but I do warn you, it would be best to complete this quest when your team reaches level 84 minimum. I was only able to finish this at level 86.

Anyway, collecting the Old Insignia from the Mucerati Gladiator and the Bloodstained Identification Discs from the Demonic Priests are easy enough. You will need Eusebio‘s help in reading these, and an important thing to remember about his requests: “Splitted Lands” actually mean “El Canon Diabolica”! Other than that, you can easily figure out which monsters drop what items in the areas specified.

Once you report what you’ve learned back to Grace, she will then tell you to return to Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus where you found the disc.

Wait, what? I don’t remember this at all. Didn’t I get the discs from the Priests?

I had to run around the Mohrgus until finally finding it somewhere between D7 and C8. You will then be teleported to fight Undead Soldiers and Failed Subjects which are level 80 and 85 respectively. As it turns out, the boss on this part of the Investigation is Gavin Jameson at level 80. You will have to be very careful, as he hits with criticals like there’s no tomorrow. I had to give Rukia her Plate Mail to add more defense, but even that was not enough to keep her from dying.

Once you’ve reported back to Grace about Gavin, she remembers Jean-Pierre Gascon’s reports and tells you to head for Thueringwald’s Cemetery. There is a grave close to, not in, the cemetery, and once you investigate, Gavin reappears with his undead army.

granado espada - kuassary family - catherine the summoner, lloyd, sasha, walter, and the mysterious man, gavin jameson - rei

Grace will be with you this time around, so the fight will not be as difficult. After you defeat Gavin, he explains that you have no idea what you’re doing and tells you to see for yourself. The key he hands to you, however, will be incredibly frustrating. It will unlock to a secret location at the Mohrgus, but the only problem is, he forgot to tell you where it is!

You can find that very secret location in area G4 of Mohrgus, though. Just sayin’~

This next map looks like Area 2 of Prison de Joaquin. The investigation reveals Doctor Fran Mothtein as Montoro’s little “experiment”, an undead controlled by Montoro. Montoro is one of Granado Espada’s most wanted as well as the 10 Nobles. Once Gavin appears and declares vengeance, Montoro makes a hasty exit and turns Doctor Mothtein insane.

This is a very difficult boss to kill even if he’s only level 82. He has both elemental and magical skills, as he can perform Fireballs and the Apocalypse. My advice? Run away! No, seriously, run! Let Grace and Gavin handle it, just like they used to do in Brestia.

granado espada - brestia special forces - grace bernelli and gavin jameson

That’s right, people, these two are from Brestia. I know that Gavin was the Second Lieutenant of Brestia’s Special Forces, but I forgot what he addressed Grace. I think she was the First Lieutenant, but whether it’s in the same force of in the Intelligence division, that is anyone’s guess.

Gavin’s leave will return you to the Port of Coimbra, where you will learn from Grace that she too could have fallen into the hands of Montoro if she didn’t leave for the New World. She mentions that she will continue her investigation and hopefully put an end to Montoro and the 10 Nobles.

And that marks the end of this quest! You are rewarded with High Grade Glaziums, Level 84 Enchantment Chips, and Level 80 Experience Cards. I wasn’t able to get the actual stats of the bosses and areas of this quest, but I did find a few blogs with better walk-throughs. Why I didn’t search for these earlier, I don’t even know! I wish I did!

That it for the Kuassary Family for the day! Now it’s time for me to get some sleep. Hee~

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