Saturday, July 3, 2010

The AdagasBooties and Kuassary Family Scandal!

granado espada - bai hu and female fighter - adagasbooties and kuassary family

Bai Hu AdagasBooties saw Rukia Kuassary yesterday in the City de Reboldeaux making her usual transactions at the Leonardo Expresso. He decided to push his luck and flirt with her so that he could steal her gun, a fairly uncommon Claude Baudez Nique. How could a girl like her handle a weapon so powerful as that anyway? It would be such a waste!

Who would have thought it would be Rukia who would surprise him? Although she’s never met him, she smiled and gave him a kiss, making him forget about the gun he was trying to steal.

Or something like that anyway! Actually, Adagas saw me in Reboldeaux and was bored. He kissed all my girls, but only Rukia kissed back before running off to do her quests… hee~

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