Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Squipjoy’s post suddenly made me miss Shilo.

He isn’t my dog… He’s my nephew’s, but I have a habit of playing with the little guy at night when I go throw out the trash. I don’t even know what breed he is, but I think he’s a mix..?

my nephew's pet dog shiloAnyhow... We had to give him to my Uncle because Dad has been… weird lately. My brother tied Shilo by the walkway in order for him to get used to the feeling of having a leash. He was suppose to go to the other house so that there’s a watchdog there, but like I said, Daddy’s been a little weird. It’s like he hates Shilo with a passion, and even threatened to kick him if my brother didn’t move him from the walkway.

Rather than move him to the other house, Mom decided it would be best to let my Uncle adopt him. Uncle loves dogs a lot and happily took Shilo in. I have no doubts that Shilo is much better off there, without a cage and without a leash... But I miss him terribly. He was a good dog and didn’t harm anyone... Minus that one time when he was mad at one of my brother’s helpers. Heh... good dog~ ♫

It makes me wonder if he still knows me... Maybe I should go visit him.


  1. Cute doggy ;_; I want a puppy~

    Looks like a terrier mix :o cute

  2. I think he's a terrier / shih-tzu? I really can't recall the breed, but he's adorable and playful. ;_;