Sunday, February 1, 2009

I. Am. An. Addict.

kooh pangya canon eagle poseAfter several failed downloads, I was finally able to play Albatross 18 (aka Pangya International) again. I blame Pangya PSP for making me want to play this; despite my knowledge as to how much I can get carried away when I re-develop my addiction to the game...

There are a lot of items available in the online game that not available in the PSP. As far as I can tell anyway... I still have several tournaments to win the PSP version.

There is also a big difference in the game play between PC and PSP. For one thing, my left hand doesn't respond as quickly as my right, so I miss my pangyas a lot for Albatross 18.

basic kooh pangyaSadly, no Vocaloid costumes are available in Albatross 18... But I'm happy to have at least earned enough pangs to buy a new skirt for Kooh. :3 You can't see it too well on the canon pic, but I'll take a nicer screen shot next time.

Nevertheless, it's a little disappointing that most of the items/clothing for the characters are only available for purchase in Astros. If I continue my pursuit in the International version, I doubt any amount of pang will make my Kooh as unique as the Kooh I have in the Philippine version.

Although I have to say, the reset of records is a great move. Now I can try to win more pangs and purchase more characters by beating my records one step at a time.

I just hope my impatience won't get the better of me. I'm still thinking of whether or not I should buy Arin and Kaz. Maybe even Max, but I can't decide yet...

So, anyone care for a game or two? :3

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