Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pares Mami House

How did that slogan go again? "There are some things money can't buy..."?

I just realized how true this is after I had my first pares from Pares Mami House.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this, pares is a local dish here in the Philippines which comprises of beef stew, soup, and rice. A lot of people would probably know Jonas as the number 1 pares house in the Philippines.

pares lunch in pares mami house

This is where I beg to differ. I love Jonas for their pares and siomai, but I think Pares Mami House is a very good rival for Jonas. And cheaper too, only P67 for a pares meal.

So Pares Mami House has no air conditioning in the Philippine summer heat; so the place is on a corner street, open air to all pollution; so you get to sit on the shop's bar with a bunch of other guys; but this is one thing you can't deny: The food is excellent because you can really taste the love these people put into their food. Call me silly, but I've seen and tasted how the person cooking can really change how food tastes.

And Pares Mami House? They love their food, they love their job.

And that, my friends, is something money can't buy.

I just hope my brother lets me go with him again the next time he visits the place. xDDD


  1. Wahh, Pares...rice....

    There is no doubt that eating pares (and Tapsilog at a tapsihan too ^^) in an open air place like that is totally best feeling in the world...how nostalgic!

    Now I miss home.

  2. Tapas: I agree. I use to think those places are scary, but zomg, the food is so good..! \o/

    Potato: The Pares Mami House we went to was in Retiro, near our place. :D Maybe there's a branch near there?

    *thinks* Omg, I'm talking to foodie people. o_o;;;

  3. i dunno. :o

    most of my days are spent in katipunan. :)) i feel like i've passed by one before. :o

  4. Maybe you have. :D At least next time you see Pares Mami House, you'll remember to stop by and try it. :D