Saturday, February 21, 2009

So Far So Good...

a.illusions yukee is so not happyA.illusions has been continuously receiving updates despite my super busy schedule. Although I still haven't been able to regain the 1 comic a week rhythm, at least it's off its indefinite hiatus as promised.

Tori gets a quick lesson on bugs and arachnids from Yukee in this update. Yukee is probably one of the most difficult characters to draw because of her long hair. >_<;;; I don't like using curve rulers because I somehow end up with very stiff looking hair..! ;.;

I'd prebably never get tired of drawing Chibi Lei-Lei though. *3* I have to think of the next Lei-Lei Explains segment, but I have no idea what to talk about. ;.; Someone give me ideas please?

You know, when I look at the first time I drew Rei's full body shot, I think the latest update made her lose a lot of weight. o_o;;; I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing when I think about it. Perhaps my anatomy is improving... even just a little?

Anyhow, I took my IELTS exam in Mandarin Oriental Hotel last Saturday (I took lots of interesting photos that day, but I'll save that for later). I think I did pretty well, aside form the sprain I got on my right ring figer for writing too quick and too hard... xD;;; The review really helped me out a lot in reminding my about the stuff I already know and teaching me new skills and techniques to tackle this "foreign" language.

My brother said he'll be taking the exam too. He wants me to teach him what I learned in class but I'm really not a teacher. ._.;;; I told him to pay the extra P2k to get himself ready but he simply refuses. -_-;;; He's not exactly the worse English speaker/writer out there, but he's not the best either. It makes me worry. *_*

I wish people would listen to me more. ~.~ But I suppose that's never going to happen due to my age... which can be a good thing at times, but this time isn't one of them.

I can feel the summer heat of the Philippines creeping up on me again. It's making people in the house a little more cranky than usual. I'm kinda worried about my mom since she always seems angry for the past few days. I blame it on the heat, but I think something else is bothering her. I think she's really worried about her sons whom she feels are getting no where fast. At the same time, her daughter's going to Canada and she's unsure how she'll fair in that foreign country because of the recession.

All I can really do is pray and hope to God that I'm doing the right thing.

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