Monday, February 9, 2009

Creativity Flows

a.illusions' tori avalon sheepishI believe I've had what is called a "creative week", which I really need more of.

A.illusions' page079 was a bit of a trial by patience. The final panel was a little annoying because of the bugs' details. When I drew the bug back in 2005, I was inspired by the Megaman manga series I had. I'll double check later who the mangaka is... You guys can view a close-up shot of the bug in page027 and a colored version in page030.

kurumi nui singing to the moonThis also marks the first time I used Sepia for the comic panels. It makes the panels looks like a flashback though, I'm not sure if I want to try and do this again...

I'm itching to create more updates for A.illusions though! I haven't been this inspired since I started this webmanga. I just hope it lasts since I'm in a bit of a pinch for the rest of this month.

See Tori's expression there? That's how I feel right about now... >.<;;;

I'm also drawing up a bunch of Onegai My Melody fanarts. This one is a sketch I did at the back of a meeting handout when I got bored... not during the meeting, mind you! I was on lunch break..!

All the sketching I've been doing lately reminds me to finish up another art meme that's been in the back burner for some time now... Maybe I can get that done soon too.

But my creative endeavors didn't stop with pen and paper.

I've been doing some clay art again. This time, some Hello Kitty Online creatures. The idea came about when we were discussing about the kind of HKO merchandise we wouldn't mind having... And with Abby's "The Grand Order of the Box Pig", I figured... eh... why not?

hello kitty online's boar / box pig clay art in a bottle

Gotta love DSLRs~! *o*

I still owe Ernest a sheep... I need to get some white clay tomorrow, and some more yarn to create another slouchy hat for cosplaying purposes...

It's funny how creativity sparks when I'm at my busiest... or rather, most stressed times.

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