Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hatsune Mi-Kooh

pangya japan tokito We've all heard about Hado Gay visiting the Pangya office in order to create a Hado Gay outfit for Max in Japan. In fact, several other famous individuals including Tokito in Japan have been lending their signature looks to various characters in Pangya.

But have you heard about Kooh's Hatsune Miku version?

hatsune miku outfit by pangya japan koohThere was apparently an event last year in Pangya Japan's Super Swing Golf. I have no idea whether this was for the Wii or the PC version, but heck... Kooh looks so cute dressed up as Hatsune Miku.

There were (or are?) even leek golf clubs to go with her entire outfit. Hatsune Miku has been associated with the leek song so it only makes sense to give Kooh leek clubs to complete her look, right?

The sad thing is, I doubt we'll ever get this in Pangya International, but I'm hoping it's in the PSP version, since there's a Hado Gay outfit for Max. I'm nearly at the end of the tournaments in PSP, but I'm a bit disappointed that not all the maps are available there. Even the new character, Lucia, is not in the PSP version.

On the brighter side, the BGM "Shiny Day" was remixed with Miku singing along in Wiz Wiz and West Wiz's courses. Here's a video of more screenshots of Kooh as Hitsune Miku. Enjoy!

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