Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is my uncle's birthday, and we had dinner at his house... KFC be yummy, seriously. :D And Queso Real (Cheese) ice cream for dessert was absolutely heavenly.

But the most interesting part of the night was when we had a tour of his house. My uncle is a very serious toy collector, and when I say toys, I mean every kind you can imagine.

From Disney...

aliens from disney's toy story anime (omg I know Aiee would love these!)

keroro collection the evil cat Hello Kitty

hello kitty collection

...among other things.

various bobble heads

Yes, all those bobble heads were moving when we went around. :D

Uncle actually has plans of opening a museum for all of his toys. What you see here in these pictures are about... 1/20 of his entire collection. I didn't get pictures of the different cars and RC's he had on display, because my phone ran out of memory, heh. -_-;;;

Nice one, Rei, you are so smart like usual. *kicks self*

Of course, there was one part of his collection I took a keen interest in:

haro haro from the gundam series

ZOMG HAROS!!! Look at them all. ;.; My collection of haros is nothing compared to his, waaah~! T^T I so want a pink haro! And I will find the chance to buy an orange one that Lockon is carrying with him!


Do you think you would be interested in going to a museum / private collection of toys? My uncle is thinking of holding a per invitiation only viewing. There'll be an entrance fee, but I'm not sure if he has a price for them yet.

To be honest, I think the collection needs to be categorized properly. Maybe seperate the Disney from the anime and stuff like that. Right now, it's all jumbled together, so it's hard to view which is what.

toy overview

But even still, it's an impressive collection. I'd want to visit his house again soon! :D


  1. i want to! :D oh and hmm might contribute to his toys if ever this museum pushes? haha malay. lets see

  2. Contribute? Like give him your toys? LOL! He would so love that, even the broken ones... He can practically fix anything. :o

  3. Hmmm... it would be best if he contacted groups who did events and stuff.

    A few groups like Cybertron, Phil Bricksters and Otakai Figure Society to name a few.

    It would also be best to contact those who did events like Bryan or Dennis Uy of Ozine. I think they held a toy event last year at the Shang.

  4. Oh, I'm a member of Otakai Figure Society. :D Ozine... not familiar with them. Maybe on the next toy con I should go and get contacts and stuff. :3

  5. yeah ok lang i guess.. or like hmm give them all for something in return? hahaha :\ then i'd be happy to promote and blog ;)

  6. Well, you can sell them to him at a bargain price? :D He wouldn't mind paying for them if he likes them and stuff. :3 I'll ask when he plans to open. :D

  7. I'm impressed at the fact that yer uncle has the time to collect all of these, so I give my salute ^^~

    I say, why not share it!~~ The museum idea sounds cool...Gambarimasuuu ^^

  8. I'd love to go to a toy museum~<3333

    the collection is so impressive. :o

  9. nice collection, yeah it's like a toy museum xD

  10. Lol, great to know there's a huge positive reaction on this idea. :D He'll probably open the museum in his house... :x