Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anonymous... or Not?

a.illusions khyle / silent tears smilingI'm a little pleased with myself that I'm finding the time to update A.illusions almost as much as before when I first started... I feel like I've gotten a little something back from whatever it was I had lost.

Even more amusing is how much I can see the progress I've made as compared to before. I'm still annoyed at drawing backgrounds, but I take the time to draw them instead of skipping them entirely now...

Rome was not built in a day. ^_^

Now then, 4 new girls appear in the latest update, along with Khyle-sama. There's a bit of hesitation guessing who's who, so maybe I should post some clues, yes?

Idol ・ Edible ・ Translucent ・ High

I think those keywords will be enough. :D People who are familiar with the old AI should have a clue as to who the girl on the left is since she's a moderator as mentioned on the manga. Guesses can be found here...

Place your bets? Who knows... Maybe the person who guesses it right will premier next as an extra or something. ^_~


  1. XD I object~ Who makes who high?

  2. OMG, ako 'yan? ///*O*/// Eep, di ko kilala ung mga tao... TTDTT *MIA, DOA*

    Gosh, if I went to a cafe to find that it was closed, I'd die a little inside... I wonder what's going to happen! <333

  3. Mwahaha yiiz~ That be you~~ :D And, and ish ok. x] You were a quiet mod back in 2004~

    ..well, hm~ I wonder what will happen, lolz~ xD